Monday, July 23, 2012

Two More New Greyhawk Articles

Thanks for stopping by World of Greyhawk fans. Today I bring you another pair of Canonfire! postfest articles. The theme for this as you may know was Inns and Taverns of Greyhawk. Easy enough and it's a topic everyone can get behind. The first of two featured entries this week is by a veteran of Canonfire and Postfests, Argon. His inn and tavern article is interestingly entitled Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac. Don't let the name fool you Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac fills a certain niche in a far-flung land that could be immediately useful to dungeonmasters who are into the wider "Beyond the Flanaess" setting. Argon writes:

"From what we know of humanoid society they differ greatly from what we see amongst the more civilized races. It is rare to see any items of art from goblins and orcs. Who has ever seen a troll scholar or bricklayer? In the lands beyond the Flanaess, amongst the plains and hilltops of Darak Urtag lies parts of humanoid civilization where goods and services are sold. One, such place a refuge, for weary travelers, flesh traders, or humanoid tribal’s looking for a neutral site to ply their trade and traditions."

Next up is another postfest entry by Phalastar who has a special knack for the Iron League region. His newest article, The Braided Beard, keeps things focused on this area and delves into the tavern life of the dwur. Phalastar writes:

"The Braided Beard is an Inn located under the Forge Quarter in the Free City of Irongate. If you need to find the right dwarf to talk to, the Braided Beard is always your best option. Just be sure not to upset the bouncers..."

Be sure to check back and read the previous installments of this month's Postfest HERE and HERE. Then stay tuned for "last" postfest article of this current series.

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Thanks for the plug. Hard to find a pic with a bunch of drinking humanoids. Those dwarves could be a sacrifice at Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac.