Thursday, July 12, 2012

Highlander Remake? Yikes!

It's been a lazy week for me, so I thought I'd dredge up a bit of movie news my friends brought to my attention last week. Apparently a Highlander remake is in the works for 2014. No surprise there. The franchise was a highly popular cult hit from the 80's and 90's so a remake was inevitable. So sure, why not? I'm a big fan of Highlander. The original was influential enough to creep into many of my RPG campaigns. Immortals, swords, magic, a kick ass soundtrack, what's not to like as a gamer? Well I guess you could hate on Highlander 2 since it nearly ruined the mystique of the series, but then the TV show pretty much righted that ship by ignoring most all of the movies. Given this mess of movie/TV canon, a reboot is just what a 21st century Highlander needs, right? Well if the casting rumors are true, then Ryan Reynolds might be the next immortal MacLeod. I ask, with an A-lister like Reynolds, what could possibly go wrong? :P


Philo Pharynx said...

But what accent will he try to speak in? The original had a Scot who speaks with a Swiss-French-Barely-Knows-English accent, an Egyptian Spaniard who speaks with a Scottish accent.

And, because if I don't put it, somebody else will - "There should be only one!"

Anonymous said...

I hate continuity reboots. What's wrong with sequels?! Tell me what happens next in the highlander's story. I already know how it starts.

It's telling that they have to keep starting over like someone who doesn't quite know how to play guitar. "Hold on, sorry...I'll get it right this time..."

Anonymous said...

It was a kick ass flick, with a very tasty soundtrack. A few friends and I will sporadically post bits of it on each others facebook walls, just to remember the good times we had watching it. Bonus point for anyone who can finish the quote, from the movie and the soundtrack, ' also left a man's decapitated body lying on the floor next to his own severed head. A head, which at this time has no name'

As to annonymous; what's wrong with sequels? *cough* Highlander 2 *cough*

mortellan said...

Philo: Hilarious but true. Has RR ever done a role using a different accent? Doubtful. Why do Americans always try to do Euro characters and our essential American characters are always done (better) by Euro actors?

Anonymous: I'd be happy with more historical flashbacks, prequels perhaps?

shorty: "I know his name."

Gamerstable Eric said...

Highlander did win the Academy Award for best movie ever made.

Aman Fazil

Argon said...

Remakes are easier no new writers needed. The first Clash of the Titans, well yeah not a good example. Let's face it I went home after seeing that garbage on the screen and played the original on and old vcr.

I agree the tv series helped revitalize the Highlander franchise. Though Ryan Reynolds has failed to carry anything he's starred in.

I had hope's for Green Lantern, though I believe that movie suffered more for moving the BBEG battle to a side note. Many things worked for me and the CGI could have been touched up a bit more.

Not excited about a reboot, though I will probably watch it.



Valkaun_Dain said...

I hate Ryan Reynolds.