Monday, July 30, 2012

One More Greyhawk Article

Today I feature the final article in Canonfire's postfest on Inns and Taverns of Greyhawk. It was my first hosting duty as editor so I'd like to thank all the participants, which you can review below. Now onto the last entry by none other than yours truly, Mortellan! My addition to this season's postfest is an extension of my successful Hold of the Sea Princes campaign which largely revolved around the south seas including the Olman Isles. The article entitled The Last Respite should make a unique destination for any adventuring group that sails the waters of the Flanaess:

"The free port of Narisban, found in the tropical Olman Island chain is a crossroads for intrepid traders and pirates who ply the high seas. Given the remote location of Narisban, nearly every sailor that visits its harbor seeks a respite from the sea for it might be their last."

In case you missed the previous installments just go back and check these posts as well. Enjoy!


Mystic Scholar said...

Shameless self aggrandizement . . . I so proud! Hehehehehehe

Nicely done, Mort!

Argon said...

Save the mort for last!



AncientGamer said...

Nice piece. I really like it and hope it'll get use in my game... Trying to map it out from your description, do you have a layout already done that would be available?