Tuesday, January 1, 2013

300th Post: Greyhawk Resolutions 2013

How about that? A milestone post for Greyhawkery right at the start of a new year! Last year I compared my 2012 resolutions with 2011 to see how I fared, let's see how this next year will pan out...

2012: Maintain 2-3 posts a week on Greyhawkery and once a week on the Canonfire! Crier.
2013: Keep up the same pace, find other contributors/s for the Crier.
Greyhawkery is still humming along nicely. Finding content is sometimes hard but I manage to find something noteworthy every so often. My plans to expand the roster of Ring of Five Questions interviews at Gencon stumbled a bit. I got a few people to respond, but my emails were totally snubbed for the second straight year, by all the Paizo folks who I talked to. Either the staff at Paizo is really too busy being successful with Pathfinder to reply or there is an internal memo to stay away from Greyhawk now. I hope I'm just being paranoid. Either way, I may have to branch more into the fan community for authors to interview. More at a later date. The Crier is a tough one to maintain. As I already cover everything at Greyhawkery, the Crier ends up redundant to me. If I could get one or two fresh minds to post on that blog for Canonfire, I'd be happy.

2012: Write more articles.
2013: Write more articles.
I keep saying this every year. I had of course wanted to publish my finished Ulakand article and start on a Kester follow up. Both projects are still in limbo, but no more than the undead-zine that is Oerth Journal. I did manage to run a successful Postfest at Canonfire involving taverns and inns. Mine was the Last Respite, set on the Olman Isles. A decent victory there. My last article pipe dream however is to start on my Battles of Greyhawk series. I have the research and ground work done, it's just format and actual writing that I can't get motivated to do right now. Eh.

2012: Promote Greyhawk.
2013: Promote Greyhawk.
Easy one there. Last year my friends started the Gamerstable podcast and so far I've defended the honor of Greyhawk on numerous occasions and I've even ran a few actual play podcasts of my Sea Princes campaign. So far so good. Beyond that, I've been encouraging anyone who starts a Greyhawk blog, fiction, maps, anything. The community is strong as ever.

2012: Redesign the Greyhawk Comic page.
2013: Continue making Castle Greyhawk graphic novel.
I have indeed not made a new comic strip for the old Greyhawk Comic in a year, that mine is played out. It does live on at Melkot.com though. Thanks as always Denis! Recently however I found my muse in Scott Casper and his Castle Greyhawk fiction. We put our noggins together and have now crafted an amazing comic adaptation of Castle Greyhawk that has turned out to be some of my best art ever. Now over twenty-four pages in, I look forward to whatever direction Scott leads us.

2012: Greyhawk Maps.
2013: More Maps Possibly?
Last year saw some amazing Greyhawk maps and none of them by me. I have a feeling however, once Anna Meyer gets to finishing Ull and the Hold of the Sea Princes for her Greyhawk Atlas, I may have to branch out and see what else I can contribute, especially if it is something I can do in conjunction with the Ull series or my continuing Sea Princes campaign. Sea exploration is good motivation for map-making.

New for 2013: Get more Greyhawk fans to come to Gencon. Last year was a hoot. I did manage to meet more than a few people from the Canonfire community at Indianapolis. Help me make sure this year is even more memorable.


Joseph Bloch said...

I'll be at GenCon this year, Istus willing.

Mystic Scholar said...

Well, it seems you managed to keep most of your resolutions for the past year.

Good job!

mortellan said...

Yeah I dunno, Mystic. I think those are all to the point now where I should assume to be keeping up with those tasks every year. Specific Greyhawk goals to achieve are much harder.

Mystic Scholar said...

Ah ha! But Greyhawk goals are so enjoyable to attain! LOL

Scott said...

Aw...I'm a muse!