Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Time To Be Old School

Just a quick post today to reflect on all that's going on. I must say, it's a good time for old school D&D! We got Gygax Magazine releasing this week, we got Wizards of the Coast re-releasing their PDFs of which the best selling are the classics, and badge registration starts for Gencon Indy 2013 on Sunday. I expect this year will be a banner year for the old school crowd at Gencon what with the new magazine and D&D's 180 toward revisiting classic D&D products. Be it PDFs or reprints of classic hardbacks or creating a new edition that harkens back (or tries) to the earlier versions of D&D, I haven't been this jazzed about D&D news since Pathfinder first came out. 

Beyond all this, it's full steam ahead on Greyhawk community material as usual. And who knows? Maybe our fanbase will once again have a day in the sun someday soon.

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