Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Article: D&D Next Goals Pt 1

It's a light day and there is no big Greyhawk news, so I scoured the Wizards site for anything interesting and behold, an article by Mike Mearls was posted yesterday titled D&D Next Goals Part 1. Last year I was initially buzzing about this newly planned edition, and I eagerly read the first playtest packet Wizards released, but since Gencon 2012 and the announcement of more playtesting till 2014 (rightly so), my mood has mellowed to an almost apathetic level. Despite further playtest packets since then, 2012 was rife with these type of filler articles talking vaguely about design theories and whatnot. My hope is that 2013 isn't more of the same. I get it mind you. I know Mearls and company are just trying to keep interest up for another year, but I'm not the playtester type, so at this point I'm thinking of avoiding spoilers. Like a blockbuster movie, I've read the press releases, I've seen the trailers, now I'm going to try and patiently wait till the finished product comes out.

That is unless Wizards drops a bomb I can't ignore, like naming official settings. I doubt that'll happen though, just like I doubt I'll ignore these articles. Ah well...


Valkaun_Dain said...

Like we're going to play 5th Ed!

Pathfinder! Convert!


mortellan said...

Like you're worried about ME buying 5E?