Monday, March 11, 2013

Castle Greyhawk: The Best Part

Welcome again Greyhawk aficionados! I've been hard at work lately and haven't had time to keep up with things which sucks because I need to promote the milestone THIRTIETH page of our long-running Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Follow the link above for extra scribings by the inestimable Scott Casper. You can also view the latest episode here, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.
Artist's Commentary: Poor Sammy Eiger, he just wanted some bigger friends to play with. I was pleased with the poses, textures and angles in this page, especially the kneeling Yrag and his dented shield. Fire is still a tricky thingto illustrate, but I won't dwell on it. Now on to the best part of a dungeon crawl, loot!

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Argon said...

Great job Mort.

I'm enjoying the story and the artwork. Keep up the great work.