Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GamersTable 100th Episode

Here at Greyhawkery, I don't promote the gaming podcast Gamerstable near enough (unless it has been about Greyhawk of course). In case you're new to this podcast, my Wednesday game group branched out into podcasting a few years ago and it's been a wild ride ever since, now up to our 100th episode. We've given out swag, we've had contests, we've rubbed elbows with other podcasters, we've gone to conventions, we've done actual-play records of our games and we have even expanded the cast with the fairly recent addition of Shannon.

So check out the episode above and learn a little about me and the gang. If you got any comments or topic ideas for the show, I'm sure we'd like to hear them and maybe even discuss them on mic!


Argon said...


The 100th episode. I'll have to check it out. It has definitely been a while since I visited.



mortellan said...

Thanks Argon. Yeah time flies when yer having fun.