Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hyborean Greyhawk Cultures

There's a cool new blog by Dennis Higgins titled Hyborean Greyhawk. It's essentially a journal for his campaign and I hope he goes far with the project because it's interesting on many levels. His latest post is an incredible exercise in overlaying Howardian-style cultures onto specific peoples and regions of the Flanaess. Dennis not only keeps the essence of Gygax's world, but he enhances its human subraces with gritty Hyborean flavor. My personal favorite of course is his take on the Baklunish land of Ull. I think he captures the mood of Ull better than anyone I've ever seen:
"South of the Paynims lies the sinister land of Ull. A dark country of sorcerers and foul creatures, agents of Ull pursue inscrutable objectives in support of unspeakable masters and are the source of many of the negative stereotypes Easterners apply to the Arabyans."

Check out Hyborean Greyhawk and enjoy!


Argon said...

Hyborean Hawk,

Sounds good to me. I'd like to give it a try.



Dennis Higgins said...

Thanks for the love! I'm actually debating dumping my Scarlet Brotherhood/Stygian analogue and moving Stygia to Ull as I'm not sure there is room for two creepy arabesque sorcerer cultures.

mortellan said...

Ull as the big evil. I'm 100% behind this move.