Monday, March 4, 2013

New Greyhawk Articles

Well met Greyhawkers! Today I'm catching us up on a few new articles over at Canonfire! First up is another short fiction piece by prolific author Richard Di Ioia, aka longetalos titled Omnipotent view - Bad news at home. Longetalos sums up the tale nicely in his blurb:

"In this omnipotent view, a priest returns home to find his temple ruined."

You can read Bad news at home HERE.

Next is the latest in Braggi's long running map and informational series, The Greyhawk Adventurer's Atlas. Part 10 covers the Lands of the Iron League:

"Examined in this installment are the Free State of Onnwal, the Free City of Irongate, the County of Idee and the County of Sunndi."

Donwload this essential atlas entry HERE.

You can read the previous installments by clicking on the link above. Braggi's epic work still has two more parts to release before it is complete!

Lastly, I have an intriguing article by a rookie author at Canonfire going by the name of akavir. His debut effort, Dawn of a New Age - 706 CY is an impressive topic to say the least as he tackles what the Flanaess would be like a little over a hundred years in the future. Akavir elaborates:

"129 years have passed since the end of the Greyhawk Wars. The realms of the Flanaess have changed much in the generations since, as the great battles and terrible tragedies, the acts of heroism and cruel betrayals that shaped the land had passed into history and legend. Yet their effects and consequences are still being felt to this day. And now, as the realms of the Flanaess stand on the edge of a new age, ancient conflicts and hatred continue to make themselves known."

Go on and read Dawn of a New Age - 706 CY HERE.

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