Monday, March 25, 2013

Dungeon #212: Greyhawk Action!

Wow, okay, so the latest from Wizards is Dungeon #212 and it's the most Greyhawkish issue I've seen since Paizo ran the show. I'll give you a run down, but alas my friends you will need a D&DI subscription to download and read the adventures for yourself...

Editorial: Classic Connections, by Christopher Perkins talks about the upcoming S-series reprint and how it has inspired the three adventures following (all 4th Edition of course). Perkins continues to be the best there is to offer at Wizards when it comes to promoting old Greyhawkian works.

Never Say Die, by Claudio Pozas (who recently did an article on Hochoch) is an intriguing adventure that builds off the classic White Plume Mountain:

"In the shadow of White Plume Mountain lies a smaller, lesser known landmark whose eerie silhouette has earned it the ominous name of Dead Gnoll’s Eye Socket. For years, adventurers determined to unearth the mysteries and treasures of White Plume Mountain sought refuge in the caves beneath this hill, which clearly resembles a supine gnoll with water trickling from its cavelike eye socket. Recently, a small tribe of gnolls has taken over this hill. Their bloodlust and devotion to Yeenoghu drive them to capture and hunt humanoid prey, and the adventurers are their latest victims."
Court of the Dark Prince, by John “Ross” Rossomangno is an amazing new outerplanar adventure featuring the demon prince Graz'zt and more:

"Within the sacred halls of Kord on Celestia, dark rumors suggest that one of the god’s angels has been corrupted by the demon prince Graz’zt. The adventurers are tasked with entering Graz’zt’s triple realm of Azzagrat to search for the suspected fallen angel, Galewing."
As if that isn't enticing enough, what Graz'zt adventure would be complete without the Witch Queen, Iggwilv? Check it out.
Finally, the last adventure is a dutiful adaptation of Gary Gygax's The Village of Hommlet, by Andy Collins. Andy writes:
"In “The Village of Hommlet,” the player characters are introduced to the denizens of a farm village at the edge of the wilderness. There, they learn of bandits troubling the locals and head to a nearby ruined moathouse to investigate. At the moathouse, the adventurers discover that a band of brigands is the least of the village’s worries. An evil priest is assembling a small army of monsters to help restore the foul glory of the infamous Temple of Elemental Evil!
“The Village of Hommlet” includes details on the village itself as well as a nearby ruined keep and dungeon. Based on the classic adventure of the same name published nearly 30 years ago, this version updates the material for the 4th Edition rules while retaining key elements of the original."

This adaptation includes new cartography and character portraits by a host of artists. Download Dungeon #212 if you can, it's a must have for the Greyhawk-completist.


Mystic Scholar said...

Wow! Didn't they leave off of completing 4th Edition to move on to "5th" Edition?

I was under the impression that the "Core Books" for 4th were never completed (they didn't publish a complete series)?

And now -- new Modules for 4th?


mortellan said...

Yeah I dunno, I guess you have to fill the intervening time with something. If they had done more Greyhawk at the beginning who knows how well 4e might've done.

Havard: said...

Good stuff Mort! :)

I see this return to settings other than the Forgotten Realms/Nentir Vale a good sign...