Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two Module Adaptations

Tireless Greyhawk fanatic, David Prata of Deitybase fame, has recently made this great post over at Dragonsfoot and Canonfire:

"For those who may be interested, I've uploaded to Dropbox my adaptation of B3 Palace of the Silver Princess that I ran at Gary Con this year. Titled B3.5 Palace of Queen Ehlissa, this AD&D® adventure combines both versions of the original module with the WORLD OF GREYHAWK® legend of Queen Ehlissa and her Marvelous Nightingale.

I've also uploaded
S2 White Plume Mountain Reconciled, which I ran at TotalCon in February. With this adventure, I simply wanted to collate and reconcile the information presented in four different incarnations of White Plume Mountain across three editions. This one is more bare-bones than Queen Ehlissa and only includes the adventure text; the map from the original module is required for play.

Months of labor went into both of these, but of course neither is an original work, so I'm happy to share them freely. I hope my fellow gamers get some enjoyment out of them. Happy gaming!"

The ancient backstory on Queen Ehlissa and her realm in B3.5 is simply amazing; it's my favorite fan work of the year. For anyone wanting to run an old school module set in the Flanaess, or if you're like me, a Greyhawk fan who wants to collect anything and everything about Greyhawk lore there are MUST HAVE downloads. Enjoy!

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Mystic Scholar said...

I got them!

Thanks for bring this to our attention, Mort. Much appreciated!