Sunday, February 10, 2013

Castle Greyhawk: Ogre Attack!

Welcome back good readers, it's time for me to catch up and plug page twenty-eight of our Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. We're almost to the thirty page milestone, wow! Follow the link above for more action packed backstory from Scott Casper. You can also view the latest episode here, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.
Artist's Commentary: Now this is more like it! I'm a big fan of ogres (as most know from my Ull articles) and I'm a big fan of overpowering encounters. Yrag is tenacious though and I'm pretty sure the wizards are smart enough to be useful without anymore spells. Side note, when is the last time you saw a D&D character use a torch as a weapon? Common in movies, not so practical in gameplay I wager.
This page had alot going for it that I enjoy. The bookend wizard panels, some cool perspectives, a reflection in Tenser's shiny helmet (I've always wanted to do one of those), and the best part, Yrag getting knocked on his ass blocking the club. That bit of action really ramped up the excitement for me in what was a slow methodical build up to this kind of danger (including the nuisance kobolds). The ogre has them on the ropes, I can't wait till you see what comes next!

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