Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Greyhawk Maps and Fiction

Welcome back Greyfiends. Today I'm highlighting a few frontpage items from Canonfire! for those who have not seen or deserve a second look. First up is an interesting bit of fiction titled Omnipotent View - How Does One Interrogate a Dragon. This short piece is another in a long series of "Omnipotent View" articles by Richard Di Ioia aka Longetalos who is an old but prolific Canonfire author who has recently returned to contribute some good content to the Greyhawk community. Follow the link above for more of his over thirty articles then head here to read his most recent tale.

Next is another bit of fiction by Mystic Scholar, the next dark installment of the Sir Ivon saga titled Even the Undead Can Know Fear. Mystic writes:

"The slaying of Refruchard could not be an accident, could not be just some sell-sword getting 'lucky.' No, Refruchard was too old a vampire for that to happen and whoever it was took the head. This action revealed that the slayer knew the truth of Refruchard's vampirism and possessed knowledge of how to deal with my kind. There was 'someone' here; a hunter of vampires . . . there had to be! But who?"

The plot thickens. You can go back and read prior episodes using the link above, then enjoy the current story HERE. Enjoy!

Lastly is the 8th part of Braggi's epic work: The Greyhawk Adventurer's Atlas Part 8 - Old Aerdy West and North. Braggi writes:

"This installment examines the Duchy of Tenh, the Theocracy of the Pale, the County and Duchy of Urnst and the Kingdom of Nyrond."

You can download this atlas HERE.

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