Friday, February 1, 2013

Wizards Art Contest Submission

Okay folks, as I mentioned a while ago Wizards of the Coast has put on an art contest for new illustrations to grace the pages of their reprint of the Against the Slave Lords (aka the A-series modules) this year. The deadline to enter is February 10th so I'm early in submitting my entry. What is important is the pictures will be voted on by the D&D community and a panel of Wizards' employees. Get on over to their contest facebook page, click on the "vote" tab and help a long time Greyhawk fan get his art and name credited in an official D&D book. There's not many illustrations posted up yet, and some are quite damn good, but I still like my chances. Thanks in advance my fellow Greyhawkers!

My entry is an homage of an illustration to an encounter with the villanous Slave Lord "Markessa" from A2: Secret of the Slavers Stockade.


Alfons Holzli said...

You certainly have more artistic talent than I do. You'll get my vote.

Mystic Scholar said...

Always loved your work, Mort. May Norebo be with you and the best of Luck!

mortellan said...

Thanks guys. Like a true artist I'm not totally satisfied of course, but on short notice it was my favorite Slave Lord character to attempt.