Thursday, February 21, 2013

Update on A-Series Art Contest

Mission Accomplished!

Wizards sent an email stating my humble illustration, "Markessa Defends Her Lab" was chosen to be published in their reprint of the A-Series (Against the Slave Lords) megamodule this year. I have a good feeling most if not all of my fellow artistic friends in the Greyhawk community got in as well since there was talk about the contest being light on entries. I think this is great of course for everyone, but bad for prospects of them doing this type of contest again.

Having gone through this process once, my guess is Wizards will not go through this exact means of getting fan art in the future. In the very least, using Facebook for a voting system failed horribly. One, alot of people I chatted with don't even use Facebook (shock) so it's hardly the best gauge for D&D-fan voting. To make matters worse, I heard it was easy to vote for yourself multiple times and it showed. Last I checked a week ago, my illo had only a couple dozen votes for the entire period (and extention) of the contest, while others accumulated thousands of votes in a fraction of the time. Voting should've been done on their own site where users have one account and get one vote. But hey I understand why they put it on a big social media site. Broken voting or not, I wonder how many fewer entries there might have been otherwise! At any rate I'd be happy with just a panel of industry names as judges next time. If there is one. Thanks for including me, Wizards. This is one reprint I will buy.


Valkaun_Dain said...

Great job, buddy!

grodog said...

Great news, Mike! :D Hopefully some of the other entries will be picked up as well (I like Ian Baggley's piece a lot, for example).


baronzemo said...

WOOTS!!!!! Good job Mort...err Mike.

mortellan said...

Thanks guys. I personally think I could do better, but hey.

BZ: If they stick to their promise in the contest, I should be credited as both Mike and Mortellan in the book.

(M)EFG said...

I'm normally just silently reading, but I want to use this occasion to congratulate you :)

Well done.

Mystic Scholar said...

Personally, I never had any doubts . . . but you already knew that. ;)

Well done, my friend. I don't doubt that they will call upon you again in the future, when they're seeking "fan" artwork.

Again, Congratulations!

Scott said...

I hope we make it on the same page. How cool would that be?

Alfons Holzli said...