Friday, September 20, 2013

Sea Princes: Map of Hokar

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Time for some show and tell from my current Greyhawk campaign, The Mines of Hokar. I've set this simple dungeon in the Sea Princes town of Hokar for three reasons. One, it's largely undetailed in canon (at least pre-Wars); second it's a crossroads between the western half of the Hold and their eastern ports making the town a great launching point. Third, it has an interesting location next to hills which is perfect for the backdrop I needed for this generic dungeon crawl I created.

What happened over time however, like in most sandbox games, the town itself began to be explored between dungeon jaunts. Now 5th level I've belatedly drawn a map of Hokar for their amusement and hopefully good use. There's a few shops and places I've keyed so far, mostly potion makers and sages (it's been a good year for them). There are three roads leading out of the town; west goes to the Duchy of Berghof seen in the modules The Gauntlet and The Sentinel. East goes to where the road forks to Port Toli or Monmurg. And the north road, well that leads to Westkeep by the swamp. The southern keep is the abode of Marquis Symeon IV whose mines and treasure vaults have been overrun by monsters. Down below he sends dungeoneers on searches for his lost collection of rare Toli Captain coins; currently only one away from completing the set. More on those coins to come. Until then enjoy the map and perhaps someone else's campaign can add to Hokar as well.


Valkaun_Dain said...

I won't be satisfied until I tread it's streets filled with ashes and blood.

Argon said...

I give the map two thumbs up!

Blood and ashes can be arranged!