Greyhawk Comics


Castle Greyhawk is a graphic novel adaptation of a novella by Scott Casper. Castle Greyhawk is based on the adventures of many famous D&D characters from Gary Gygax's original home campaign. Come see the likes of Tenser, Robilar, Terik, Yrag, Mordenkainen and Ehlissa, as they plumb the depths of the famous dungeon or get into trouble on the streets of Greyhawk itself!

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Updated weekly for over 5 years, the World of Greyhawk Comic is a satirical webcomic about the World of Greyhawk's® famous demi-gods, deities and other entities. Nothing is sacred to these higher powers. Watch them tear apart Greyhawk canon, anachronistically cross editions of D&D and even lead soap opera lives like common mortals.

Greyhawk Comic has many storylines and regular features. They are separately ordered here (Follow the links at the bottom of the page in each feature):

Cultists (Follow the fanatical and often farcical fate of two cultists of Tharizdun as they try to destroy the Oerth.)

Gods in Spaaace (Greyspace, the final frontier...These are the voyages of Cpt. Zagig T. Yragerne and crew.)

Greylore (Join the deities Fharlanghn and Delleb as they travel the world in search of Greyhawk esoterica.)

World of Golarion (Lendor's gaming group plays out the Pathfinder setting.)

Graz'zt Show (Channel 666's highest rated talk show for eons, starring the Dark Prince himself!)

Module Cover Parodies (Mockery of classic World of Greyhawk adventures.)

There is also a many special features to be found for your amusement!

Mysteries of the World of Greyhawk: Revealed!

Needfest Special 2005: A Needfest Story

Needfest Special 2006: How the Gruumsh Stole Needfest

Needfest Special 2007: Twas the Night Before Needfest

Needfest Special 2008: Raxi the Bald Blue Rat God

Needfest Special 2009: The Needfest Musical Extravaganza

Needfest Special 2010: The 2nd Annual Needfest Musical Extravaganza