Thursday, June 22, 2023

Sea Princes Nobles 576 CY - Archbaron Gavin III

Greetings Greyhawk courtiers! Today I think I'm going to share another NPC noble from my Sea Princes 576 CY series. Gavin III is the ruler of Galeside, a small but rich town on Flotsam Isle that I hope to develop a bit more when I get around to fleshing out my Sea Princes campaign. Until then enjoy!

His Indomitable Nobility, Gavin III, Archbaron of Galeside, Captain of the Courser. (House Toli, Toli Armada, Rogue 10)

The archbaron of the small port Galeside is incredibly wealthy largely owing to his station in House Toli but also his ruthless ambition. Gavin is widely known as a capable sea captain and explorer. His personal ship, the Courser has notably voyaged beyond the Densac Gulf into the south seas several times, and on each return to port he has brought more wealth to his familys’ coffers. Archbaron Gavin III is married to Kerri of Jetsom Isle (Rogue 2) a noble lady who lives a comfortable life in a walled manor overlooking the sea. When her husband is away on a long voyage the archbaroness is rumored to go on her own adventures in the Hold. 

Politics and Intrigues: The cousin of Prince Varek IV the head of House Toli, Gavin III is constantly plotting with members of his family to further enrich themselves through the exploitation of the Amedio Jungle and its coastal islands. Kerri is the younger sister of Baron Deran Insley, a fellow explorer whose relationship and thirst for maritime knowledge is often exploited by the archbaron to aid Galeside in exploring the south seas for new resources and trade routes.

Archbaron Gavin III is an ideal mid-level NPC patron to use for campaigns that involve a lot of exploration by ship (see the Dungeon adventure path, Savage Tide for more on this). His home port of Galeside is a low key base for characters who want to avoid the dangers and intrigue of larger cities.

House of Peers in the Sea Princes

The Hold of the Sea Princes comprises thirty domains, divided amongst a dozen noble houses. A few of these houses can trace their lineage back hundreds of years to the first Suel migrations, while most are merely fabricated hereditary titles of pirate captains who settled down a century ago. While the Hold is currently ruled by the Prince of Monmurg, the Prince of Port Toli has led the House of Peers for much of the Holds’ history. In political situations, the twelve houses are evenly divided between naval factions called the Princes’ Fleet and the Toli Armada. Those Sea Princes captains who choose to avoid house politics, nominally defer to a fleet named the Hold Flotilla in times of war.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Travel Guide to Inns of Greyhawk

Greetings fellow Greyhawk travelers! This post is being made in conjunction with the Legends & Lore stream. I'm rather shocked I haven't attempted this topic before, and now that we've broached the subject, I'm eyeballs deep into research on Inns and Taverns of Greyhawk. My obsession with this topic of course is because I'm a 20th-level former innkeeper. This is knowledge you can't unlearn. Any time I've ever ran a scene at an inn for D&D my professional experience has always crept into the game. Well, I'm not going overboard with this post I promise, but what I am doing for fun is highlighting as many published source inns, hotels, and hostels in the Flanaess as I can find (this list is in no way exhaustive). Using my vast insights on inns and hotels I will be using a scale of 💀 to 💀💀💀💀 skulls for my travel guide. One other caveat, I'm only featuring establishments that have a shred of business information about them in a module (no spoilers but will cite the sources). What that means is I won't be using the dozens of taverns and inns marked on various city maps that only have a name to go on. It also means that most of these inns will be from the City of Greyhawk. Oh well! Read on and enjoy your stay!

Free City of Greyhawk
The Green Dragon Inn. 💀💀 The favorite haunt of adventurers and other rough types in the River Quarter. Offers mundane fare, but in copious quantities. Weapons and armor are allowed here. 
(City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins, Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)

The Blue Dragon Inn. 💀💀 This establishment is a poor imitation of the Silver Dragon Inn next door. Everything found at the Silver Dragon including their prices is copied here, but the place is lesser quality. Noticeable lack of customers. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Silver Dragon Inn. 💀💀💀 A grand inn in the Foreign Quarter. Prices are average and servings are huge. Menu items range from all across the Flanaess. Rooms vary from single private rooms to large bunk rooms. Costs are reasonable but not cheap. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Gold Dragon Inn. 💀💀💀💀 A place of splendor and snobbery and exorbitant prices. Even nobles may have a two hour wait to get in this place. The food is good but not the best, all prices are at 125% the cost of other upper-class establishments in the city. Rooms are high ceilinged with elaborately carved beams. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins) 

The Brass Dragon Inn. 💀💀 The first building many travelers see entering the city, this grand-looking establishment is a maze of wings, towers, sleeping and dining rooms, quiet lounges and noisy beer halls. Prices are high for the Old City, 1 gp/night for an average room and their food is very bland. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins) 

The Black Dragon Inn. 💀💀 The largest inn in Clerkburg. Good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rooms range from common room straw pallet for 2 sp/night to good private room 5 sp/night, or luxury room 2 gp/night. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)
The Nymph and Satyr. 💀💀💀 Reputedly has the most exotic collection of alcohol in the city. Reasonable costs for food and drink. Rooms are relatively cheap and plain. Place has a bawdy reputation and is avoided by more respectable citizens. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

High Tower Tavern and Hostelry. 💀💀💀 A favorite of the upper class, unpretentious and not as expensive as neighboring establishments. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Golden Phoenix. 💀💀💀💀 Do not come here unless you have plenty of gold and can afford to put on weight. This glorious establishment in the Garden Quarter has 30 rooms and two fine dining restaurants, the Velunese Grill and the Celene Feast Hall each with their own unique dishes. Meals cost from 10 to 50 gp. Rooms are exquisitely furnished with 24-hour room service. Prices range from 10 gp/night to 15 gp/night. Only persons of refinement, good manners and sound dress habits allowed. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Wizard's Hat Inn. 💀💀💀💀 This excellent hostelry is one of the best kept secrets in the city. Rooms are reasonably priced, but weapons must be checked at the door. Superb food (signature roast venison is the best meat in the city), drink and hospitality. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Low Seas Tavern. 💀💀💀 Favorite inn of wealthier Rhennee bargefolk. Good food in small portions served here, as well as expensive, high-quality drink. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The River Rat. 💀 Central gathering place for Rhennee of the city. The inn is a smelly dive. Food, drink and rooms are cheap. Any damages to the inn are often charged in the morning. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Barge Inn. 💀💀 Favorite location for dwarven visitors. The largest inn in the River Quarter, it is also one of the busiest and rowdiest in the city. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Whistling Fish. 💀💀 This two-story inn is unusually tall, with oversized windows and doors. The inn is owned by a short, good tempered hill giant. Prices are reasonable and the food is good. (The Adventure Begins, Falcon's Revenge)

The Whitehorse Inn. 💀💀 The grand old inn of the Old City. Ideal stop for caravans, has a large stable and corral. Rooms are clean and cheap; food is plain but in large portions. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Gold Digger Tavern. 💀💀 A raucous establishment that is the primary gathering place for dwarves in the Old City. Only dwarves are allowed weapons here. Cheap drink, rooms and meals. The longest bed in the place is not quite five feet long. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

Madame Zaccaruso's Rooms for Rent. 💀💀 This grand boarding house charges 4 sp/week which includes daily breakfast. Madame Z is rumored to be a witch, but the rooms are clean, and the house is quiet. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins) 

Black Orchid Boarding House. 💀💀 This small house is hard to find. It has no signage, and it only takes customers by referral. The privacy of boarders is kept without question. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

Phoenix Boarding House. 💀💀 This new building replaces the Black Orchid in 584 CY. It is three-stories and has a bright yellow roof. Mainly attracts immigrants with a bit of money. (The Adventure Begins)

The Hanged Man Inn. 💀 A grand inn that services the low life of the Thieves' Quarter. The outside is kept in repair, but the interior is a run-down dive. The inn is rumored to be Thieves Guild controlled; thus, it is a safe place to visit due to its unwritten rules against thievery and fighting. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins) 

Mama Esther's Bakery and Boarding House. 💀 Shabby little building with a wonderful aroma. There is four single rooms for rent at 1 sp/week. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Left Hand Inn. 💀 Non-descript inn with cheap food, drink, and lodgings. The place is usually fairly empty and quiet. Drinks and food are free to anyone who can hit a bullseye target using their left hand. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

The Broken Staff. 💀💀 This Artisan Quarter inn caters to wizards, sages, and academics. The tavern is well-maintained, and service is good though understaffed at times. Entertainment often involves displays of magic. (Living Greyhawk Journal #2)

The Dragon Turtle Tavern. 💀 This small Slum Quarter inn is the cheapest tavern in the city. Lice-infested straw beds, warm ale, but delicious food in small portions. (City of Greyhawk Box, The Adventure Begins)

Viscounty of Verbobonc
The Rock Powder Inn. 💀 Small country inn, set near an old quarry outside Verbobonc. Not a dive but has seen better times. (Vecna Lives!)

Kron Hall. 💀💀 Located in the Gnomeburg district of Verbobonc, it is the only establishment that is built to cater to small and big folk. (Vecna Lives!)

Village of Hommlet
The Inn of the Welcome Wench. 💀💀💀💀 The only inn for many miles, higher than normal food and drink costs. Renowned for its good food and collection of ales and wines from all over the Flanaess. Rooms are warm, clean and have a variety of furnishings. Prices range from 1 sp/night to 5 ep/night. (Temple of Elemental Evil)

Village of Nulb
The Waterside Hostel. 💀 A scurvy place. Rich guests have been known to disappear. Prices are low, about half those of the Inn of the Welcome Wench. (Temple of Elemental Evil)

Village of Orlane (Gran March)
The Golden Grain Inn. 💀 Large wooden inn with a stable and corral. Food and drink quality is poor and prices are outrageous, from 1 sp to 1 gp per pint. Rooms are poor going from 12 sp to 4 gp/night. Rooms and drinks are sometimes discounted however to attract business. (Against the Cult of the Reptile God)

Inn of the Slumbering Serpent. 💀💀 An old, small inn with sign of a sleeping dragon out front. Prices are reasonable compared to the Golden Grain Inn, plus the food and drink is good. Keoish brandy is on stock here. Rooms are clean and well-furnished from 6 sp to 4 gp/night. (Against the Cult of the Reptile God)

Town of Elredd (Wild Coast)
The Captain's Haven. 💀💀 Caters to visiting merchants and sea captains. Offers breakfast at 3 sp and dinner for 6 sp. The rooms at 1 gp/night are well appointed and decorated with a nautical motif. Hot baths are available for 1 sp. (Slavers)

The Lady of the Sea. 💀 Sailor's tavern that has cheap grog and cheaper furniture. The second floor "drunk tank" is a large common room where patrons can sleep on the floor for 3 cp. (Slavers)

The Rest in Peace. 💀 An inn that caters to those slightly better off. Common room beds cost 5 cp/night, while private rooms are available for 4 sp/night. Breakfast costs another 1 sp. (Slavers)

City of Hardby (Greyhawk Domain)
The Mistress of the Coach. 💀💀💀💀 Possibly the best inn in Hardby. An expensive place with formal dress code that prohibits armor and weapons. (Slavers)

Berei's Bounty. 💀💀 A sturdy inn decorated with shafts of wheat. Low-priced, run by a former priestess of Berei. (Slavers)

The Spotted Cow Inn. 💀💀 One of the more famous establishments in the Dock District. Nothing out of the ordinary about this place, just has good word-of-mouth advertising. (Slavers, Polyhedron #92)

Town of Restenford (Lendor Isle)
Falco's Tavern. 💀 This hostelry has four rooms to rent at 11 sp/night. The bar has ale, beer, mead and hard liquors. (Secret of Bone Hill)

Inn of the Dying Minotaur. 💀💀💀 Minotaur head mounted above bar. Good drink and meals ranging from 6 to 15 sp. There are 18 various rooms available at 13 to 24 sp/night. (Secret of Bone Hill)

The Tavern of the West Wind. 💀💀 Sells beer and liquor only. Has six rooms going for 12 sp/night. (Secret of Bone Hill)

Village of Garroten (Lendor Isle)
The House of Abraham. 💀💀 Rooms go for 6 to 12 sp/night. Weekly rates give a 20% discount. Meals run from 6-20 sp. Ale, beer, mead and wine is served here. (Assassin's Knot)

Town of Heldarn (Furyondy)
The Heroes' Return. 💀💀 Small hostelry. Has four single-rooms, two doubles, and a common room that holds up to eight. 25% discount on food and drink to those fighting on the front against Iuz. 

City of Chendl (Furyondy)
The Heroes' Rest Inn. 💀💀 Above average quality service. Visitors are more likely to find rooms available here. During the war with Iuz, prices are triple cost here. (Fate of Istus, Marklands)

King's Arms Tavern. 💀💀 Better than average quality inn. During the war with Iuz, prices are triple cost here. (Fate of Istus, Marklands)

The Weatherhaven Inn. 💀💀💀 The best place to meet war veterans and officers. During the war with Iuz, prices are triple cost here. (Fate of Istus, Marklands)

The Wyrm. 💀💀💀 The best inn in Chendl. Tastefully appointed bar and dining room. Rooms are quite luxurious. During the war with Iuz, prices are triple cost here. (Fate of Istus, Marklands)

City of Willip (Furyondy)
The Billet. 💀💀 A hostelry and gaming house where many exiled Shield Land nobles drown their sorrows. (Marklands)

City of Monmurg (Sea Princes)
The Weary Traveler. 💀💀 A place of constant merriment, it is the best inn in the dock district. (Treasures of Greyhawk)
Jetsom Island (Sea Princes)
The Captain. 💀💀 A respectable inn (at least compared to a dock district tavern called the Warship). (Treasures of Greyhawk)

Free City of Dyvers
The Diamond Dagger. 💀💀💀 Good quality. Large bed, closet, dresser, desk, large fireplace. Food and lodging 2gp/night. (Puppets)

The Come On Inn. 💀💀 Average quality. Bed, closet, small fireplace. Food and lodging 1 gp/night. (Puppets)

The Sleepy Dragon. 💀💀 Average quality. Bed, closet, small fireplace. Food and lodging 8 sp/night. (Puppets)

The King's Arms. 💀💀💀💀 Excellent quality. Large bed, closet, dresser, desk, large fireplace, bearskin rug. Food and lodging 5 gp/night. (Puppets)

Town of Tristor (Theocracy of the Pale)
The Sogenford Inn. 💀💀 Three story building just inside the town gates. Average food, drink and lodging. Horses can be stabled for 1 cp/night. (The Fright at Tristor)

Rookroost (City of)
The Drunken Dragon. 
💀💀 Moderate accommodations. Hostelry and tavern. What arms trades are not happening at the Temple of Zilchus may be happening here between the Bandit Kingdoms and the Frost, Snow, and Ice Barbarians.
(Five Shall Be One)