Greyhawk Articles

I've done Greyhawk articles for the fansite canonfire and the fanzine Oerth Journal for several years now. If I seem to have a fetish for the nation of Ull, I am guilty as charged. Here is my body of work to date:

Mysterious Places
Postfest II: The Altar of Dhawar (An accursed altar in the Ulsprue Range that even ogres fear.)
Map of the Great Oerik Flood (What if the crazy doomsayer Zendrelda was telling the truth?)
Postfest VI: Planes of Retribution (A collection of demiplane prisons created by the god Trithereon.)

Miscellaneous Greyhawk 
Unconquered Hold of the Sea Princes (What if the Hold wasn't taken over by the Brotherhood. OJ #32)
Postfest XVII: The Last Respite (A colorful tavern in the remote port of Narisban)

Ull Campaign Articles
Ull Gazetteer: Trade Town of Kester, Part 1 (Possibly your last stop in civilization before a long journey.)
Ull Gazetteer: Trade Town of Kester, Part 2 (More information on this hive of scum and villainy.)
Ull Gazetteer: Ulakand the City of Horses, Part 1 (High atop a mesa, Ulakand calls to all weary travellers.)
Ull Gazetteer: Ulakand the City of Horses, Part 2 (There is more going on in this town than it seems.)
Random Encounters in Ull (What trouble can your PCs get into today?)
See Ull...and Die! Part 1 (Warbands and Slavers galore.)
See Ull...and Die! Part 2 (More on the politics and powergroups of southern Ull.)
Postfest X: The Blind Billy Goat Inn (Your last, best chance for a good night's sleep in Ull.)
Gazetteer of the Flanaess: Ull (Featured in Oerth Jorunal #19, includes a map!)
The Wonders of Ull, Volume 1 (PDF Anthology of previous works, also includes the new mysterious place: Khur Razjin, the Path of Shadows.)
The Wonders of Ull, Oldskool Edition (edited for additional content by Brian Dougherty)
Ulakand: City of Horses Gazetteer (previewed in other articles, this is the full article)
Warbands of Ull  (Expanded info from previous articles. Featured in Oerth Journal #30)

Rogues Gallery
Postfest III: Abi Dalzim (The enigmatic Father of Droughts, creator of the Horrid Wilting spell.) 
Postfest III: Bruzharag the Misbegotten, Orakhan of Ull (Ull's latest and possibly most powerful ruler.)
Postfest V: The Yellow Cartel (This mysterious organization is responsible for illicit trade out of Ull.)
Postfest V: Blink Camprat (Kund) (You think regular camprats are annoying?)
Company of the Talon (Meet the adventuring party of one Gustin Longpike, owner of the Blue Dragon Inn.)
Biography of Gustin Longpike (Timeline of this notable Greyhawk NPC, from my own home camapign.)
Postfest XIII: The Haunt of Gol-Usan (Not for the faint of heart.)
Postfest XIV: Nura bint Ramil (The alluringly dangerous pit-mistress of Kester.)
The Seer of Urnst (From Oerth Journal #23. Co-written with Rick Miller.)
Tuerny the Merciless (From Oerth Jorunal #25. Written by Rick Miller, additional material by me.)
The Conclave of Ull (A new power group of mages hiding out in Ull)

Magic Items
Postfest IV: Minotaur Mask of the Ulsprues (This profane item of Baphomet is sure to turn heads.)
Magic Items of Ull, Part 1 (An assortment of magic only found in the desolate grasslands of Ull.)
Magic Items of Ull, Part 2 (More magic for a low-magic region.)
Postfest VII: The Dagger of Misfortune (This blade of Ralishaz is unpredictable.)
The History of the Tapestry of Ruin (The sordid background of this infamous magical wall-hanging.)

The Battle of Emridy Meadows (Visit the most famous battle in Flanaess history.)