Tuesday, January 29, 2019

5E: More Greyhawk Wars Magic Items

Last time I featured three unique magic items named in the 2nd edition era board game Greyhawk Wars, but were never found in any other supplement before or after. Today we look at the last three of this set as I try to convert them to 5E rules using the spirit of the board game descriptions. Enjoy!

Gloves of the Paladin
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a cleric, druid or paladin)

These supple leather gloves were first created by the temple of Heironeous to aid the Knights of Holy Shielding in their crusade against the evils of the Bandit Kingdoms, Iuz and the Horned Society. While wearing these gloves, you have the divine ability to lay on hands as a paladin of the same level. If attuned to a paladin, the gloves double the pool of healing points available to the wearer.

Dura's Deadly Poison
Wondrous item, rare

Dura, also known as the Siren of Stiletto Street, was once an assassin from the City of Greyhawk, before she was forced into exile for using her talents on a close friend of the lord mayor. Found in a small make up container, there is enough of this very fine powder for one use.
When you use an action to cast the dust from the container it fills a 15 foot cone. Each creature in that area takes 4d6 poison damage and must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned. At the start of each turn a poisoned creature takes 4d6 poison damage and at the end of the turn, repeats the saving throw. On a successful save, the poison damage they take in the subsequent turn decreases by 1d6. The poison ends when the damage decreases to 0.

Drawmij's Dagger
Weapon (dagger), rare (requires attunement)

The Archmage Drawmij has created many exotic items and this dagger is among his earliest signature weapons. You can use a bonus action to toss this magic dagger into the air and speak the command word. When you do so, the dagger begins to hover, flies up to 60 feet, and instantly attacks up to four creatures of your choice along that path. Each creature may only be struck once. The dagger uses your attack roll and ability score modifier to damage rolls.
After the hovering dagger attacks for the fourth time, it teleports back to its sheath. If you are more than 60 feet from the dagger it flies back to your original spot and falls to the ground. The dagger can't be used this way again until the next dawn.

Friday, January 25, 2019

5E: Greyhawk Wars Magic Items

Good day Greyhawkers! I am here to present some interestingly original Greyhawk magic items that I have converted to 5E rules (since this is the current edition I run). My old post from several years ago on Unique Magic Item Cards found in the Greyhawk Wars boxed set was never fully capitalized on by others so now is the time! These items cannot be found in any form outside the "boardgame" rules until now. Enjoy the first set of three. I'll try to work on the last three next post.

Bowl of Storms 
Wondrous item, rare

This item was originally created by the Sea Mages of Gradsul for use by the Keoland Navy. While this bowl is filled with water, you can use an action to speak the bowl's command word and cast the control weather spell. The bowl can't be used this way again until the next dawn. The bowl affords no protection to a user or his ship from the weather summoned.
The bowl is about 1 foot in diameter and half as deep. It weighs 3 pounds and holds about 3 gallons.

Rary's Bulls-Eye Bow
Weapon (long or shortbow), rare (requires attunement)

Rary first crafted this bow when he served as Archmage of Ket for use by the Beygraf's palace lookouts. When the first arrow is nocked on this bow, the next ranged attack roll you make against a target in that combat round has advantage on the roll. In addition, your target gains no benefit from cover, other than total cover, and you suffer no disadvantage due to long range. Subsequent attacks from this bow in the same round are made at the user's normal attack roll.

Bigby's Bottled Breath
Potion, rare

Bigby was always experimenting with force spells, this potion was an early attempt of his to bottle one of his named spells that had unintended results. After drinking this potion, you can use a bonus action to exhale spectral force at a target within 30 feet of you. The target must make a DC 14 Strength saving throw, taking 4d6 force damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. If the saving throw is failed the target is also pushed 5 feet away. The effect ends after you exhale the force three times or when 1 hour has passed.
Alternatively the user can try to break an object within range that isn't being worn or carried. The user makes a Strength check at +5 bonus.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Amazing Greyhawk Art

Greetings Greyhawkers! Some of you may have already seen this beautiful piece of art on one of many Greyhawk Facebook groups already, but I'm spreading the love as best as I can! I get quite excited when creators do Greyhawk fan work. Most of the time it might be an article or map, but every so often someone much like myself will do illustration set in Greyhawk. That folks, brings me joy.

The work below is signed by fan nicknamed Lady Loth. It depicts two sergeants of the Nyrondese Royal army. The heraldry is spot on.

I don't know much more about this artist. If anyone knows her, or is in her gaming group, send a message. Thank you for your time and creativity!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Greyhawk Justice

Well met Greyhawkers! It's interesting to me that since I dual-classed away from 20th level innkeeper to last year become a 1st level minion for the Guild of Lawyers and Scribes, that I know way more about our criminal code than back when I was a young gamer putting my friends through hell by invoking the criminal codes of the City of Greyhawk boxed set, one of my favorite sources of all time. I'm getting pretty good at knowing the charges and sentences for felonies, misdemeanors and the common petty crimes one may commit in the real world. 

In the City of Greyhawk boxed set's Folks, Fueds and Factions book, the criminal code is covers serious (felony) and minor (misdemeanor) offenses, tried by judges and magistrates from the Guild, and in rare high profile cases a trio of ruling Directors of the city. Then there is the petty offenses handled by the People's Constables.created in 575 CY as a way to shake down poor citizens for even more money by using the nearly 100 zany by-laws created by mad Zagig Yragerne centuries ago.

Here is some laws you won't find at your local court house or city watch station (with my own special touches):

Genocide (Felony) Sentence, Death. No exile, banishment, mutilation or prison may be imposed. Conspiracy or Attempted Genocide carries the same severity of sentence.
This is a very rare crime, dating from a time when racial killing of half-elves by a secret gang of half-orc assassins was rife.

Importation of Controlled Magic Items (Felony) (evil relics and artifacts or dangerous magic items like a Sphere of Annihilation) Sentence, permanent exile and banishment (either voluntary or forced), enormous fine may be imposed, 90-95% of defendant's wealth and assets, including forfeiture of citizenship rights in the Domain of Greyhawk.

Magical Interference With the Integrity of the Person (Felony) (this includes the use of spells such as magic jar, polymorph other, hold, charm and other magic which causes the affected person to lose volitional control of his mind and/or body.) Sentence, permanent exile and banishment (either voluntary or forced), mutilation may be imposed (in a fashion befitting the crime such as severing the tongue of a spellcaster.)

Possession of an Unlicensed Monster (Felony) (such as otyughs and black puddings kept as status symbols) Sentence, heavy fine, 60-80% of defendant's wealth and assets, prison may be imposed if minimum fine cannot be paid.

Blasphemy Against a Priest (Misdemeanor) Sentence, 14 days to 2 years hard labor, fine of 1-20% of wealth up to 1000 gp may be imposed.

In a city full of many diverse and rival religions this code is likely to keep the peace between temples and ensure profane cults remain in hiding.

Use of Magic in a Public Place Without Due Cause (Misdemeanor) Sentence, 14 days to 2 years hard labor, fine of 1-20% of wealth up to 1000 gp may be imposed.
In a city full of wizard guilds, divine temples and foreign adventurers this law is likely meant to keep magic use from interfering with mundane city life (such as casting stone shape on city walls, or entangle in a crowded market.

Fondling a Waterfowl on the Processional (Petty) Sentence, fine of 1 cp to 10 sp.
This law is interpreted as carrying, but Zagig preferred the word "fondling". 

Helping a Halfling Across the Road (Petty) Sentence, fine 1 cp to 10 sp.
This can be construed as occurring when-ever one merely accompanies such a halfling.

Conspiring to Belch in the Direction of a Scribe/Sage/Learned Gentleman in a Public Place (Petty) Sentence, fine 1 cp to 10 sp.
Not the act of belching, just conspiring. How does one conspire to belch?

I'll have to remember that one at work next time. That's all, I hope this inspires you to come up with your own criminal code offenses!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Which Greyhawk Modules To Run?

Okay Greyhawkers, quick random topic because it's a weekend and I haven't got a broader topic until me and Anna Meyer return to Legends & Lore in February. "Which modules have I never ran that I would love to someday?" Go ahead and shoot down these five choices, but everyone's tastes are different of course! I can tell you for certain I've never run these adventures, which is strange because some I've ran more than once, like Greyhawk Ruins or White Plume Mountain. At any rate, here we go in no particular order:

1. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. With the recent 5E release of the Lost Laboratory of Kwalish, I'm kind of considering this one now.

2. The Sentinel/The Gauntlet. One of my friends I believe had this two part adventure, I acquired them later on, but they always seemed intriguing to me.

3. Falcon's Revenge (and others). Okay I admit I own 2 or 3 of these modules, but have never read through them. Still, it's set in Greyhawk City, it has to be half way good, right? Also, why is Falcon getting revenge in part 1?

4. The Secret of Bone Hill. It's a classic. It's low level. It's by Len Lakofka. Why haven't I ran this?

5. Queen of the Demonweb Pits. I'm pretty sure I've never ran this, I've never been big into drow overall. I do like Lolth though. I ran Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut a million times but not anything drow-themed. What the hell?

That's all for now Greyfriends! What modules do you desire to run?