Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Map: Where are the Rhennee

Hello Greyhawk mavens! On the heels of my Minimalist Darlene Map I have another "useless" Greyhawk map. I say it's useless because this current bit of humor comes from a discussion in the Greyhawk community about people making useful infographic maps, such a population density map which I've seen someone do remarkably well. I love infographics, heck I've done serious ones before, such as my Regional Resource Maps from a year ago. This new map, on Rhennee in the Flanaess uses the same stock map originally from the World of Greyhawk Folio. While it may be a joke to long time gamers such as myself, this easy-to-follow map may actually help readers new to the setting on where Rhennee boatmen can be found. Now, if someone wants to come along later and do a map of Rhennee seasonal barge traffic then I will tip my hat to you! Until then, enjoy!


Friday, November 17, 2023

New: Minimalist Darlene Greyhawk Map

Greetings Greyhawkers and D&D map enthusiasts in general. Today I present a silly map concept I have been daydreaming about for months, a minimalist Darlene map. If you're like me, you might have a Greyhawk map as your computer wallpaper. And so, I often stare at this map and strange ideas form, this time however I have finally put it to the test. The World of Greyhawk setting map is hex-based, and because of the tendency of Darlene's calligraphic style to conform to this shape, this means a lot of the nations and geographical areas start to fall into these hex patterns on a larger scale. For example. in the Sheldomar Valley side, the tri-Ulek states, Gran March and Bissel fall into a nice row. So does the Sea Princes, Yeomanry, Sterich and Geoff. Some parts were harder to judge than others, but I got the Darlene map down to a minimalist state. It was a fun experiment. One thing though, don't ask what the scale per hex is, I don't know! One more thing, I haven't decided if I can do labels yet have a look for yourself. Enjoy! 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Greyhawk Quiz #6: Letter G

Welcome again Greyfolk. Time for another of my Greyhawk quizzes. Check out the previous quiz to see more. How well do you know the geography of the Darlene map? Test your luck!