Monday, March 7, 2011

New Module: The Howling Hills

The folks over at Dragonsfoot have been putting out top quality material for AD&D longer than I've been kicking around in the online Greyhawk community. This week I'm spotlighting a new adventure available there for free download entitled The Howling Hills. The adventure for levels 10-14, is written by Charley Phipps with cover art by Brian "Glad" Thomas

This looks to be an excellent addition to the on-going mythos of the ancient wizard-lich Acererak and his infamously horrific tombs. I highly recommend this module even for those who don't necessarily play AD&D but want to add a new twist to their land of Iuz campaign.

Update 4/8/2021: I had to remove a broken link to Glad's art.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Mort. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I don't "visit" dragonsfoot myself, so I would never have known . . . or not known to next year. ; )

Thanks again.

Mystic Scholar

James said...

Cool! I was trying like hell to remember who the artist was, yesterday. My mind just wouldn't go there. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for this. I was just there two weeks ago looking at potential modules to use for my kids (who want to start up a campaign). So I quickly jumped back to check this out. I really liked reading it, but these sort of deathtrap collections generally don't appeal to me. That being said, I can still appreciate it for being what it is, and loving the way it is worked into the setting in a meaningful and consistent way. The tale of the engineer was especially enticing, so I may need to lift that in it's entirety if I can't use the whole module; and one can never have too many different types of demons to pull forth from one's hat, so thanks to Allan for the superior work as well.

Mike Bridges said...

James: And thanks to you too. "Glad" has been posting his artwork on canonfire for a while now so I spotted his style right off. He reminds me so much of Jim Holloway it hurts! In a good way!

Mike Bridges said...

Mystic: I check it once in a while and they usually slip their new stuff by me. I think part of the problem is everything on their frontpage says "new" even though it can't be. Good thing there are many blogs out beside mine there pointing these things out.

Grol: I agree. It's always good to see Allan contributing to Greyhawkia.