Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sea Princes Campaign #4: Raise Anchor

It's been almost a month since the last Sea Princes post. Getting things restarted, the PCs finally joined their new ship in Port Torvin, the caravel Bird of Prey. The new crew got acquainted with each other and met their leader, Captain Eduard "The Blackguard" Rennaud, a dashing buccaneer of uncertain background. Captain Rennaud's stated destination is a standard mercantile venture to the far-flung tropical haven of Narisban in the Olman Isles. The crew then made their mark on a piece of parchment called the "Prince's Charter", a contract of rules and regulations for the voyage based on the traditions of the "Pirates Code" used in the early days of the Hold. With that duties were assigned (or competed for) and the Bird of Prey got under way. Here are some important personages from this session::

Victor Emmitt Hammond (fighter, crow's nest and carouser)
Araxo Tydan (rogue, first mate, and conniving son of the Count)
Cuahtehmoc aka "Cuahto" (ranger, deck hand and comely savage)
Brother "Pickles" (cleric, cook and corny individual)
Rubin Skullbreaker Oratero (Quartermaster)
Old Man Cassen (Bosun)
Nasty Nestor Rantono (carpenter)
Piper Kellin of Dreadwood (elvin bard)
Big Tomas of Sybar (deckhand)
Shrill Simon Wormwood (deckhand)

Two days out of Port Torvin across the Bay of Javan, the Bird of Prey hugged the coastline of Cape Rhon (also known as "the Sword") where lies the capital city and port of Monmurg. That night as Vic, Araxo, Cuahto, Big Tomas and Shrill Simon were on watch, the ship was unexpectedly paid a visit. An eerie greenish light approached them and to their stomach turning horror it illuminated a disgustingly ugly, dripping wet, sea hag who affectionately introduced herself as Granny Greengills. Victor and Tomas' legs began to buckle with weakness at the sight of her. With a wicked grin full of rotten teeth, Granny warned the onlookers to not call for help or else suffer her Evil Eye; a deadly glare that she soon demonstrated on a hysterical Shrill Simon, who fell to the ground dazed in a frozen, frightful stare. Granny Greengills gave the rest a bargain: Turn over to her the handsomest among the four remaining and she would give the rest of them information on a valuable shipwreck nearby. While Araxo did ponder the deal (and the others reasoned out who was handsomest), the prospect of selling out a fellow crewmate was too much for Vic so he attacked even though he was so feeble he could barely swing his sword. Cuahto and Araxo joined in while Big Tomas raised the alarm.

Granny was not put out by the brash youngin's however and she managed to get the comely dark-haired Olman in her steely grip. As she began to drag him toward the rail the PCs began to stall, bluffing and  fast talking to get her to give them the location of the shipwreck in exchange for the willing surrender of Cuahto (poor expendable savage). Hesitantly triumphant she revealed to them the site of a battle near Monmurg, the Battle of Jetsom Island where their country's namesake, the flagship Sea Prince was sunk by the Keoish Navy. Underwhelmed by the revelation of this well-known and hallowed sunken ship, they managed to throw a lasso around her neck and draw the gangly Granny Greengills off her feet. Their victory was almost cut short as she still had the ability to use her Evil Eye. Only the timely intervention of the Captain to cut her loose and dump her back into the sea prevented any further injury.

Shrill Simon who nearly died of fright, was dazed for three days afterward. Araxo was nonplussed that he hadn't thought of faking a similar malady to get out of work, while Victor blamed this misfortune on the woman, no not Granny Greengills, fellow female crewmate Elaine "scar" Medorga. At any rate, the crew was commended and healed, then the ship continued onward for the next few days, eventually harboring at the small port of Sybar on the isle of Sybarate. Here they took on more supplies for the longer leg of the journey to Narisban, and while there Cpt. Rennaud invited the brave PCs (Pickles had to stay in the galley and cook for the crew) to go ashore with him and have dinner at the palace of the Governor of Sybar, Kel Imell.

At the modest plantation estate, they met the governor, his daughter Juliana and Bishop Arun Del of Velnius (a wind god). The PCs noticed that while the governor was good friends with their captain, most of the servants and soldiers did not hold a favorable view of him. Intrigued by this the trio intended to look into this while at dinner but got distracted. Cuahto for his worth was at least allowed to eat at the governor's table instead of out back. Araxo hit on Juliana only to learn of her obsession with someone fancy lad from Fairwind Isle named Orlando, while Victor chased serving maids around the kitchen. Plenty of time for more answers and escapades next time!

Game note: For this campaign I drew by hand a huge hex map of the Keoland-Hold of the Sea Princes-Amedio-Densac Gulf area on a piece of hexagon printed Gaming Paper. We first saw this stuff at Gencon 2010 where it won an Ennie award. It's essentially just wrapping paper with squares/hexes but the inexpensive, disposable nature of it makes drawing maps in advance more fun and it frees up our normal erasable battle mat if needed. I don't intend to pitch this South Seas map though, its a beaut even on wrapping paper!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Mort. Glad to see the game's moving along so well.

Aeolius should be real pleased with the Seahag! Glad our Olman friend didn't have to produce the next batch of hags! Hehehehehe!

Love the Hag picture you used too.

Sorry the "boys" got distracted though, sounds like a nice little mystery to solve. Well, that's what happens when you "think" with something other than your . . . brain! :D

Mystic Scholar

Mike Bridges said...

Thanks Mystic. Aeolius' sea haggery is way out of my league, but I try my best.