Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beyond the Crystal Cave: 4e

I've written about Wizards of the Coast's popular in-store campaign, D&D Encounters a few times by now, and most recently in August during Gencon they revealed their newest storyline that now debuts on November 16th. In case you missed out, this one might sound familiar to discerning Greyhawk fans since it is called Beyond the Crystal Cave. Yessir, score another one for the World of Greyhawk. That well never runs dry!
How does this new adventure compare with the original Greyhawk module? Well luckily for me there is an excellent preview article about it over at the blog Dungeon's Master. Check it out.

In the meantime, read this blurb from Wizard's own site concerning the story-arc:

"For a year, unnatural winds and mists have battered the area around the town of Crystalbrook. Worse, bizarre blue-skinned fey creatures have emerged from the fog to pillage and murder. Townsfolk blame these misfortunes on the fey of the nearby Sildaine Forest. The fey, who also suffer, claim innocence, faulting Crystalbrook’s people for hidden black magic that has attracted the wrath of primal spirits."

If anyone has been playing these D&DE story arcs, let me know what you think about this newest one.


Anonymous said...

Granted I have not seen this new one, but wasn't the unique thing about the original that YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO FIGHT THINGS...? I'm not sure that's a very good fit for 4e, which is a bit combat-centered, to be polite.

Looking at the blurb over on Dungeon's Master I guess they made sure to add some combat, possibly with a third faction?

Mystic Scholar said...

Greyhawk will never die -- "they" need to keep "returning to it" for GOOD material!


At least we can be thankful for THAT much!

Mystic Scholar said...

Hmm. Just read the Dungeon's Master preview. See that they're finding ways to include their "card game" in all the newest editions.


Keith S said...

I think it has a lot of potential. The Neverwinter story had too many factions, IMO. This one, while it has a complex story to tell, has fewer factions while maintaining the mystery for the players.

In last season's Encounters there were a bunch of themes (4e role-playing sauce) and some hooks to encourage players to dabble in them. That met with little enthusiasm at the table I ran. This season there are fewer (I sense a trend) and I'll make more of an effort as the DM to support them, knowing that I don't have to have the entire Heroes of the Feywild book memorized to do so.

Mike Bridges said...

mike: I talked to a friend who runs these D&DE and apparently BotCC is going to be less reliant on combat much like the original. We shall see.

Mystic: Yeah, can't fault them for cross promoting anymore. As long as the crux of the game is still dice and paper it'll be okay in my book.

anarkeith: Thanks for the good feedback and have fun running Crystal Cave!