Monday, June 4, 2012

New Fiction: A Tale of Good and Evil, Chapter 1

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Friends, Greyhawkers, D&D fans, this week I present for your entertainment, a new Greyhawk fiction series over at Canonfire by a new contributor going by the nickname of Quae. This is the first rousing chapter of what should be an epic titled, A Tale of Good and Evil. The story opens with an amazingly evocative description of a celebration at Greyhawk City's Arena. Long time fans will be pleased to read about many familiar names and organizations in this chapter. But as always danger lurks in the shadows. Quae writes:

In 584 C.Y., Greyhawk City has opened her arms to a new group of heroes who have saved the lands of Oerth from the wretched Demon Queen of Spiders. But not all within the city walls welcome our heroes with good intentions…

Give this lengthy chapter a read. I think it'll even give dungeonmasters a few ideas along the way.

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