Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Greyhawk Olympics

The official time keeper
of the Greyhawk Olympics
The London Olympics are over and I don't know if everyone was into them (I myself like to watch niche sports) but it got me thinking about the events specifically and how the various nations of the Flanaess would fare in them. Believe or not this topic has come up on the Canonfire forums before and one of my players actually once suggested an Olympics for my Greyhawk campaign, so this crazy idea isn't all mine. Furthermore, Greyhawk has a few deities that lend themselves well to athletic competition (Kord for one). Anyhow, never mind the logisitics, politics or magic of the Flanaess for this exercise, just assume peace has broke out for a week and everyone has arrived at Greyhawk City during the summer of 600 CY. Here's my off the cuff results (of a select series of events), feel free to agree or disagree...

Diving: Irongate (gold), Lordship of the Isles (silver), Ekbir (bronze)
Swimming: Keoland (gold), Onnwal (silver), Nyrond (bronze)
Gymnastics: Scarlet Brotherhood (gold), Highfolk (silver), Veluna (bronze)
Volleyball: Idee (gold), Duchy of Urnst (silver), County of Urnst (bronze)
Equestrian: Plains of the Paynims (gold), Nyrond (silver), Rovers of the Barrens (bronze)
Wrestling: Ket (gold), Hold of Stonefist (silver), Bandit Kingdoms (bronze)
Archery: Celene (gold), Highfolk (silver), Sunndi (bronze)
Sprinting: Wild Coast (gold) , Sunndi (silver), Verbobonc (bronze)
Marathon: Dry Steppes (gold), Blackmoor (silver), Wolf Nomads (bronze)
Pole Vault: Dyvers (gold), Tusmit (silver), Bissel (bronze)
Long Jumping: Duchy of Ulek (gold), Grand Duchy of Geoff (silver), Duchy of Tenh (bronze) 
Shot Put: Bone March (gold), Hold of Stonefist (silver), Iuz (bronze)
Hammer Throw: Principality of Ulek (gold), Ratik (silver), Irongate (bronze)
Javelin Throw: Yeomanry (gold), Tiger Nomads (silver), Perrenland (bronze)
Fencing: Greyhawk City (gold), Rel Astra (silver), Shield Lands (bronze)
Football (Soccer) Furyondy (gold), Greyhawk City (silver), Great Kingdom (bronze)
Judo/Taekwondo: Scarlet Brotherhood (gold), Ekbir (silver), Zeif (bronze)
Rowing: Snow Barbarians (gold), Frost Barbarians (silver), Zeif (bronze)
Sailing: Spindrifts (gold), Hold of Sea Princes (silver), Sea Barons (bronze)
Shooting (Crossbow): Perrenland (gold), County of Ulek (silver), The Pale (bronze)
Weightlifting: Ull (gold), Iuz (silver), Pomarj (bronze)


Anonymous said...

Syncronized Swimming: City of Greyhawk (gold), Veluna (silver), Furyondy (bronze)
Sand Volleyball: Idee (gold), Keoland (silver), Wild Coast (bronze)
Skiing: Ice Barbarians (gold), Vale of the Mage (silver), Snow Barbarians (bronze)
Curling: The Pale (gold)... No one else participated.


Mike Bridges said...

Hilarious! I didn't go into winter sports on purpose, but yeah there would be some good ones there.

The Pale would excel at lighting the olympic bonfire methinks...

p1r8z0r said...

I'm surprised the Barony of Willip didn't place in sailing!

Scott said...

Iuz didn't boycott the olympics?

Anonymous said...

Really? The pomarj didn't medal in Shot Put? I mean, considering there's an "Orcish Shot Put" that's an actual weapon, I would've thought that they'd have stood a good chance at it.

Mike Bridges said...

Willip sailing, yes, perhaps!

Iuz boycott, what and miss all the fun?

Pomarj was disqualified for throwing the shot put at the spectators. They're evidently too good at that sport.

Geffyl said...

I'm tempted to build some Warhammer "Blood Bowl" miniatures in Flanaess heraldries.