Friday, February 1, 2013

Wizards Art Contest Submission

Okay folks, as I mentioned a while ago Wizards of the Coast has put on an art contest for new illustrations to grace the pages of their reprint of the Against the Slave Lords (aka the A-series modules) this year. The deadline to enter is February 10th so I'm early in submitting my entry. What is important is the pictures will be voted on by the D&D community and a panel of Wizards' employees. Get on over to their contest Facebook page, click on the "vote" tab and help a long time Greyhawk fan get his art and name credited in an official D&D book. There's not many illustrations posted up yet, and some are quite damn good, but I still like my chances. Thanks in advance my fellow Greyhawkers!

My entry is an homage of an illustration to an encounter with the villainous Slave Lord "Markessa" from A2: Secret of the Slavers Stockade.

Update 05/13/2021: This wasn't a contest so much as a fan section included in the reprint. There was some art in that book way better than mine, so I'm sure they used most entries.


Al H. said...

You certainly have more artistic talent than I do. You'll get my vote.

Mystic Scholar said...

Always loved your work, Mort. May Norebo be with you and the best of Luck!

Mike Bridges said...

Thanks guys. Like a true artist I'm not totally satisfied of course, but on short notice it was my favorite Slave Lord character to attempt.