Friday, August 23, 2013

Ull, Ekbir and the Finish Line

Anna Meyer has been working feverishly toward the end goal of her massive World of Greyhawk atlas. With the Dry Steppes nearly behind her she now has posted previews of my beloved land of Ull and Ekbir! It's been a personal joy to see Anna map Ull not once but twice. The first time was for my Oerth Journal #19 gazetteer back in 2006.

That map was pretty sweet but since then she has logged hundreds of hours in the Flanaess honing her skill at mapping. The results this time around are staggeringly beautiful. I'm especially happy to see the Ulakand mesa worked into the terrain. There is so many little nuances in this map that I'm rather excited to see what more I can place in this small corner of the world. So yeah, it's a rare honor for Anna to yet again, use my exhaustively developed (yet barely canonical) work on Ull for her atlas. Enough gushing about Ull though...

Now Anna can see the finish line of her cartographic marathon run. This newest preview map shows that she has rendered almost the entirety of the Flanaess at last. All that is left is minor tweaks and revisions, easy stuff for her. I applaud Anna's tireless efforts over the years and I look forward to seeing what more Greyhawk she has in store.

Update 05/23/2021: Updated broken links due to changing websites and downloads. 

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Mystic Scholar said...

Now all that remains is . . . the impossible.

Getting WotC to pay the woman for her work and then use the map for D&D Next.

I am NOT -- however -- "holding my breath" waiting for THAT to happen!