Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Longcloaks of Krestible

Here is a small write-up from my old Greyhawk notes on an original organization that I recently dug up for one of my Sea Princes campaigns. They were so cruel I couldn't resist bringing them back for some new players to deal with.

The Long Cloaks of Krestible are a mobile band of bounty hunters hailing from the northwestern realm of Perrenland. They are predominantly worshippers of Trithereon the Summoner, god of retribution whose relentless pursuit of criminals is emulated to a brutishly efficient degree. They are led by a high priest of Trithereon named Kythis Hadren and his lieutenant, a hardy rider name Henrik Turm. The Long Cloaks are noted for their skill in horse riding and mounted combat, both with melee weapons and crossbows. The Long Cloaks are a gruff, fearsome looking band of men (no women have made it into their ranks so far) that are often mistaken for lawless bandits. They are most recognized for their distinctive heavy cloaks made from the hide of various monsters found in the surrounding Yatil Mountains back home.

The Long Cloaks are hired by wealthy nobilities to track down heinous criminals who seek to evade justice by hiding beyond their reach in far-flung lands or behind other figures of authority. They are true vigilantes whose stern purpose and fervent dogma leads them to believe their divine mission puts them above the laws of all nations and most other religions. The Long Cloaks relish the hunt, sometimes taking on new missions while in the middle of tracking a bounty. They also enjoy interrogation and intimidation, treading the line of local law to get their way with people and governments.

Among the tools that the Long Cloaks use in their work are parchment wanted posters that are distributed in cities to aid in their search. They are not above bribing individuals for information seeing this as a suitable compensation compared to the alternative which is bodily harm. Despite their eagerness to use violence, and the fact they know most quarries will fight back, they prefer to take bounties alive. Paradoxically while they believe in personal freedom, hating slavery for instance, the Long Cloaks claim the worst criminals deserve to have this right revoked by the gods until acquitted by their own clerics or those paying the bounty. For this reason, Long Cloak crossbows are normally coated with a variety of poisons to slow down or immobilize targets long before going in with restraints. The Long Cloaks often go afield with hunting animals as well, favoring dogs and falcons like their patron deity. Lastly, the Long Cloaks are not above using divinatory magic in their chases. Though such appeals to their god at the start of a mission can be cryptic, simpler, more accurate auguries have been known to be used to follow up on their own investigative talents.

The Long Cloaks of Krestible claim to work on the side of law and justice, but their abrasive style and methods will often lead them to butt heads with players characters whose interests rival or oppose their own. In this manner they can make good PC foils for a cross-country or urban based storyline.


Valkaun_Dain said...

I don't like those guys.

Mike Bridges said...

The Lords of Westkeep are starting to look pretty decent, eh Valkaun?

Mystic Scholar said...

Yeah, my character would definitely be butting heads with these guys.

Ielena Inquisitor of Heironeous said...

Douche bags...torture are not below them, but as there god is a god of retribution not justice they are fairly easily manipulated.

Scott said...

Finally, someone else who gets that Trithereon's followers are not good guys.

Argon said...

I think they make for an interesting group. I like it when things are not just black and white.