Friday, August 15, 2014

Anna Meyer at ENnies Friday Night

Well folks, tonight at the 2014 Gen Con EN World RG Awards, Anna Meyer's World of Greyhawk maps unfortunately did not win in the Best Cartography category.

Anna's true labor of love, an entirely free atlas lost out to perennial favorite Pathfinder and Monte Cook's Numenara. Despite this, the nomination was a truly justified recognition for her years of tireless work on this popular fan project. The increased attention from the ENnie awards will surely give Anna a boost as she continues on as a professional fantasy cartographer. I have no doubt she will be back in the ENnie race again someday.

The groundswell of support for Anna in the Greyhawk community was fantastic and couldn't have come at a better time. Her nomination stands as a signal to Wizards of the Coast and the rest of the D&D playing world that Greyhawk has not gone away and people still want to see quality material produced with the setting. Congrats to Anna and good luck on her future endeavors!

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Rob Kuntz said...

Perennial favorites, heh? The industry has become a self-serving thing looking admiringly at its own reflection in a mirror created by them.

Just the sheer weight of years and painstaking detail put into Anna's creation of creations should have sufficed to sweep away anything less than that. But, just like other parts of society, true art and merit have been replaced by cronyism. I have no more faith in the ENNIES--at all...