Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Castle Greyhawk: Cloud Kill

Welcome back friends of Greyhawk! After some technical issues I'm ready to promote the third chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Check out page-seven and read some essential story script by stalwart writer Scott Casper. On our site you can also check the archives and follow the entire Castle Greyhawk story from the very beginning.

Artist's Commentary: This page posed a challenge for me not because of anything to do with Scott's direction, but because my laptop died halfway through finishing up the photoshop and text. I lost my hard drive and about five hours of work. Somehow I have major computer problems every holiday season for the last several years. Since I saw this issue coming I already had a new laptop at hand, but I have a problem with clinging to old technology way to long and I have a habit of forgetting to back up files. So yes, I pretty much had to do this page twice. Not a process I want to repeat.

About the art itself, I love this page. There's some good action poses of several different characters, not just one or two taking up all the screen time. Also, I kinda like drawing these ogres. I like to imagine each one has his own personality and backstory. The horned ogre is like the chief/father of this tribe, while the ogre with the wolfskin is the most capable hunter. His beady friend is young and prefers to use a cleaver than get his claws dirty, unlike the ripped howling berserker ogre whose hands are scarred from battle. Then there is the spear wielding ogre from chapter one who has seen action before and likely lost some face after his rear was set on fire. Lastly there's the half-burnt ogre who evidently had a run in with a fireball once and his hefty, warty pal who's in the back of the party for more reasons than one. Unfortunately, I think this experienced group of adventurers will make short work of the ogre clan. Ah well we shall see, more next time.

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Scott said...

I love the first two panels in particular, where you managed so much illusion of motion. Stop making me like these ogres, though -- you're making it hard for me to kill them!