Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brainstorming Ull Project

Welcome back readers. It's a rainy, gloomy day on the fields of Ull and I'm currently taking a break from drawing the Castle Greyhawk comic to write a new post mainly because it's been a few days since my last one. With little to comment on (D&D news is sadly all FR) this notion struck me, why not go over my list of unfinished Ull articles? In fact, I have enough material topics that if I got off my butt I could do a whole source book! Let me know what you think and maybe it'll spur my mood to write again:

Gazetteer Material
Ulakand City of Horses (Finished but unpublished and no map yet) This is a complete write up on the capital of Ull and it's neighboring locations on the mesa. I'm sure this one will go over big and it was written as a template for my next idea in the Ull Source Book.
Kester, the Pit City Following up on my old Canonfire articles about this town, I need a city map to go with it as well. I also would like to devise a random gladiator generator since the town is built around fighting pits.
Okkand and Kurukand. These two minor villages have lie on the roads between north and south. Each should have their own unique characters and dangers.

Threats of Ull
A series of articles or chapters for a sourcebook involving dangers and encounters in Ull, that I've yet to write up, such as:
The Children's Gang. Kester has many dangerous factions, but this one may be the most underestimated.
Water Stealers. Who are these fiends and who do they serve?
Briar Golem. A new construct to infuriate your players.
Stone Ettin. There are more than ogres to contend with in the Ulspure Mountains.
Creature from Beyond the Barrier. There are some creatures that sages haven't seen before.

Magic of Ull
Some themed items that I need to throw in someday. We haven't had any Canonfire Postfests in a long for me to write these up yet.
Polearm of (x). Because south Ull loves their polearms.
Saddle Blanket of Ulakand. A simple utility item that buffs a horse perhaps?
Turban of the Khans. Probably a leadership or combat related head gear.
Headband of (x). Similar buff item or protective gear.
Amulet of Kester. A warding device of some sort I'm thinking.

That's all for now!

Update 06/10/2021: Hmmm, a lot of ideas left on the table, this should be my blog retirement project!


Unknown said...

All good ideas. If you're ever in need of a map of Ull I do commissions!


There's some of them including my Ket map.

Mike Bridges said...

Brilliant! I like the old worn map look. When I get this moving again I'll drop you a line. How do you feel about street level maps?

Unknown said...

Eh, that I feel I suck at. I've only ever managed one city map I didn't outright hate and destroy.

ChaosClockwork said...

Hilarious to be stumbling through the backlog of posts, and see an update made just a week ago.
As someone who just started poking at Greyhawk relatively recently, I haven't started poring over the many articles over at Canonfire, but looking at all the references to the lore there, it's probably time to start.