Sunday, August 14, 2016

Howl From the South Update

Welcome back Greyhawk fans. This is an unfortunate bad post today folks. My initial drive to adapt and serialize the 2E module Five Shall Be One was a great success. My disdain for the abysmal sequel module, Howl From the North was to be an homage in name only called Howl From the South. Cause like it's set in the Azure Sea and not the barbarian lands. Get it? Well my attempts to rewrite a wonky module have turned into a long, protracted, but still fun campaign with as many ups and downs as the module I tried to best. That said, I cannot serialize these anymore. It's daunting work to write-up game sessions after they are played, sometimes I take good notes, other times not.

Setting aside the serialization posts, I'd rather concentrate on running the game more efficiently (Sabriel Loreweaver is my muse) and sharing the game content with everyone, including 5E conversions of the Blades of Corusk, new Greyhawk development and character sketches. Then who knows, years from now I'll write a cleaned up module series based on this campaign (doubt it). But yeah there ya go, the Sea Princes campaign sails on, but you'll have to get the cliffs notes version or maybe follow us Sunday on Twitter or Periscope for the live experience: @GreyhawkMike @xb0shi3x

Campaign note: The original series started at 7th to 10th level and curiously the start of HFtN has the players at the same level range. We didn't start so high in this adaptation, but for my game I hope my friends still want to play these characters beyond the confines of this "sword quest". I'd like to see how powerful high level 5E characters can be and at least the sword quest provides a great backstory for whatever comes after. Fingers crossed!

Update 06/14/2021: Corrected my Twitter handle. Good to know cause I'm on Twitter more than anything.


enabity said...

If you haven't thought of this yet, you may want to ask one of your players to keep a journal while playing. Even if the journal is rough, it might reduce the burden on you enough that you can continue to make posts without it being such a burden. Maybe they will write something that makes for a nice post all on its own with little to no effort on your part.

We've been doing character journals in our campaigns for well over a decade, and have found it to be a worthwhile endeavor. There's a certain sense of history that goes with having a documented record of a campaign.

Mike Bridges said...

Oh that is so true. I wish I had done more of these over the years. I do have players that track names, places...others group treasure. When I take notes for my writeups I used to note every combat action taken if it was interesting. I don't think my players are attentive enough to journal up to that expectation.