Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Factions by Neuronphaser

Hey just when I thought no one was creating Greyhawk content, I discover that the blog neuronphaser has started an article series on Factions of the Flanaess, which is timely since I too recently did such works with the Pentad and the Hexad.

Neuronphaser has two articles so far, check out The Circle a power group made up of NPCs closely associated with Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight. and then read about The Guild, which is no less than the well-organized thieves guild in the Free City of Greyhawk.

I am looking forward to neuronphaser's next few articles set in Greyhawk. Kudos!

Update 06/19/2021: Sadly, I don't see Neuronphaser online anymore. Links removed.


Mystic Scholar said...

Definitely going to check out this new site. Thanks Mort!

neuronphaser said...

Thanks for getting the word out!

My players -- 1 semi-experienced 2nd edition player and 2 total newbs -- decided they wanted a straight up, old school, hexcrawl/dungeoncrawl campaign in Greyhawk, so these articles are the product of prepping that campaign. Plenty more to come for Greyhawk!

Mike Bridges said...

neuronphaser: No problem, anytime!

That's the best kind of group. Not that I hate my oldest gaming buddies, but fresh minds definitely spurs old DM creativity.

Valkaun_Dain said...

Mort, playing with me is like playing with a fresh mind. I can't remember a damn thing.

SADLOVE said...

Jason: Undermountain is a classic but I would never port it over to GH. It would seem wrong. I did run Dragon Mountain in Greyhawk, though the premise of that dungeon iirc is that it teleports to different worlds. Hard to say cause I've ran Greyhawk Ruins at least 3 times so anything else is fuzzy in my memory.

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