Saturday, July 21, 2018

Original Greyhawk Mods

Hail Greyhawkers! Today I'm promoting the work of my good friend and avid Greyhawk writer, Carlos A.S. Lising. Carlos has been busily making old school modules and running them at GaryCon. I had the privilege to play in a few of his games these last couple years, and now they are available at DriveThruRPG. Disclaimer, these modules for obvious reasons are sold as generic fantasy but it doesn't take much Greyhawk knowledge to insert them into your home game.

Here is the blurbs on his modules. Please give Carlos some love and check out the link above.

"A terrible theft has occurred at the famous menagerie in the Free City!  Daring thieves have managed to steal into the zoo of the fantastic and spirit away a pair of prized Rust Monsters.  Their trail has gone cold at the edge of the vast forest to the south of the city, so the distraught nobleman who owns the beasts has been forced to turn to the druid and ranger protectors of the timberland for assistance.  Will your doughty group of nature priests and woodsmen be able to locate and return the valuable monsters to safety?" 

In Gnomine Septem
"The covetous eyes of fifty hungry bandits have fallen upon a humble hillside village at the edge of a daunting mountain range.  Now, only seven fearless worthies -- hailing from a gnomish monastery -- stand between these villains and the innocent folk in their sights.  Will your humble heroes be able to defend these meek farmers from their enemies, or will evil grow still greater in the land in the shadow of the peaks?"

Kill Markessa!
"Of the infamous Flesh Traders, perhaps none was more fearsome than the elven enchantress known simply as The Marquessa. Her unspeakable experimentations that twisted the flesh and bones of the innocent into horrific abominations continue to fill the good folk of the land with dread, even now, fifteen years since the slaver's ring was smashed by a band of legendary heroes and she was forced to flee into the night. At last, however, her whereabouts have been uncovered and a new group of adventurers has been assembled to bring her to justice!"

Die, Markessa, Die!
"A brave fellowship of heroes failed last year to bring the notorious villianess known as The Marquessa to justice -- and as a result, the innocent folk of the land have suffered greatly.  However, the elusive and sinister enchantress has been located once again, giving the forces of weal another opportunity to extinguish the grim sihlouette she casts across the region.  Will your characters be able to succeed where before them legends have failed?"

Update 06/24/2021: You can now also go to Carlos own publishing site, Casl Entertainment. He has a TON of good old school modules now. Please give his stuff a purchase, it's worth it!


carlos a.s. lising said...

Thanks so much, Mike! I currently have four more completed Greyhawk modules that will be published this Spring (after I run them at GenCon, GameHole Con, and GaryCon). So you can look forward to those soon, as well!

...not to mention the top-secret megaproject on which I’ve been toiling.... 😎

senam said...

I was looking at these modules on DriveThruRPG but it appears the Full-size Preview does not work. I'm curious about the maps. The product description mentions "large scale referee's maps". In my sessions I use a VTT (FG) to display the map with fog-of-war to my players. But I assume your maps are not appropriate for that since they show traps and other info that only a DM should see? In any case, I may buy one just to see. Thanks for the tip!


carlos a.s. lising said...


Thanks so much for the interest in my modules! However, you are correct: The maps included in the modules would not be suitable for VTT use. The maps, like the text itself within, have been designed to resemble the classic TSR modules. Imagine what was included in Slave Pits of the Undercity or Ghost Tower Of Inverness, for example. That’s what you’d be getting inside the linked products.