Saturday, September 1, 2018

Classic Dragonmirth

Howdy Greyhawkers! Today I have a treat. We are going to look back on some old comics from Dragon magazine, no not Wormy or Snarfquest or What's New with Phil and Dixie, I'm talking about the less flashy black and white comics that came before those in Dragonmirth. Readers with any level of artistic or writing talent could submit comics to this column. As a 5th grader back in the 80's reading my first Dragon (#85 - the cover called out to me), I loved two things most about the magazine, the cover art and the comic art in the back. I always came back to the material in-between later.

Needless to say I never got the guts to submit a comic up until Paizo Publishing had control of Dragon and Dungeon mags and I was offered a chance to submit a comic strip idea based on my long running Greyhawk comic strips. Sadly Paizo soon lost the license to the print mags and Wizards took them digital. Sans comics. A dark day indeed. Well, we still have these gems below. Some are better than others mind you, but remember, these people had the guts and desire to be published comic strip artists where I failed. Enjoy and look for more classic Dragonmirth!

Dragon #85 Denton Elliott

Dragon #86 Craig Smith

Dragon #87 Bob Lilly

Dragon #89 Craig Smith

"He Says He's An Iron Golem" Dragon #91 David Hutton

Dragon #94 Robert Albanese

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