Sunday, February 24, 2019

Greyhawk Map: Lordship of the Isles

Greetings Greyhawk mavens! As we get closer to GaryCon again I am starting to feel anxious to talk Greyhawk. To pass the time, I started drawing mini-maps of sections of the Flanaess, with some clever artistic touches thrown in. I doubt I'll do a whole lot of these, but I'm looking for corners of the map that are often neglected, that might look more interesting if you have a magnifying glass put on them.

This first map I'll show you, is just a straight hex for hex reproduction of the Darlene map of the Lordship of the Isles-Oljatt region. The map does not show all of the lordship though, as the archipelago continues northward including the capital Sulward. Nor does it give Hepmonaland much love. I wanted to draw attention to the isles and the Pelisso Swamp. The Lordship depending on what era you use, is an underused, underdeveloped area. In the pre-wars era it is a land of buccaneer explorers who flaunt the rule of the Great Kingdom and the Sea Barons. (my preferred era) Post-wars they are capitulating sea lords who serve as the defacto navy of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

As you can see, within this small window there is a lot going on here. Complex coast lines, colonies, monsters, many ports of call. One of my dreams is to set a campaign here to compliment my Hold of the Sea Princes high seas adventures. The Living Greyhawk Gazetteer has a bit of good info on the Lordship, but the isles as well as the surrounding coasts is really untamed territory for DMs in my opinion. Enjoy!

p.s. This map was made using hex paper provided by Black Blade Publishing.


Nebbiolo said...

Very cool map Mike. Love it! One area of the map that I have never seen detailed but I'm sure a lot is happening or *could* be happening is Whyestil Lake. Yeah, I'm sure Iuz is the dominant force over there, but since he has never been known for his dominant naval forces, I can easily imagine liberation armies coming from the Nyr Dyv through the Veng to either directly assault the Old One positions or land on the Western coast to help the elves. Anyway, keep up the good work!

grodog said...

Great work, as always Mike. Looking forward to seeing you at GaryCon! :D

@Nebbiolo: I set my old 175 CY campaign on the shores of the Whyestil, and did some additional detailing of the southern shores of the lake. Will have to see if I still have those maps anywhere handy....