Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Greyhawk Blogging

Good day Greyhawk maniacs! Let's talk about something I do quite often, blogging about Greyhawk. Incredibly I've been doing Greyhawkery since 2010, which was a late decision in truth because my old Greyhawk Webcomic was practically a commentary blog as far back as 2005. Now I've had my ups and downs in the blogging business, always on the verge of hanging it up when I lost inspiration to write or draw. Luckily I'm not trying to be a high profile blogger, win any Ennie awards or stuff like that. My audience is the Greyhawk community and those wishing to break into the World of Greyhawk. In the last couple years I've been buoyed by a surge of online fan content being produced from Twitch to Facebook to websites like the resurrected GreyhawkOnline

People are sharing their games, maps, articles and stories. The point of this post is to encourage you the reader to try your hand at blogging or at least joining one of many Facebook groups (Sages of Greyhawk, Flanaess Geographical Society, Greyhawk Resources). For examples of blogs doing great stuff on a regular basis, check out Frogsama's Greyhawk Adventures, Hall of the Mountain King and Greyhawk Musings. Find your niche. Rally around the community, and maybe if you're really looking to have fun, meet up with people like myself, Jay Scott, Anna Meyer or Allan Grohe at a convention such as Gary Con.

Good luck and happy Greyhawking.


Thomas Kelly said...

Some how I missed the debut of "Frogsama's Greyhawk Adventures." Thanks for the tip. It's a Greyhawk Renaissance!

David Leonard said...

You don't give yourself enough credit. You've got a great inspirational blog. And hey, weren't you also the artistic director for the Oerth Journal?

grodog said...

Thanks for the shout-out Mike, and for all you do to keep the Greyhawk flame burning brightly! :D


Mike Bridges said...

TK: Yeah I don't know how I missed it either. Amazing quality conversions.

David: Well yeah, that's how I roll. As for Art Director, eh, it was a title. Back then all the work in that department was really Rick Miller. A huge Greyhawk fan still.

grodog: I do like to wave the flag and torch high time to time!

Jason Zavoda said...

Mike your blog is my first stop. Your posts, the comments and the links. I hope you keep on and keep enjoying Greyhawk.

Lord Gosumba said...

Thank you for the shout out! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family and Friends!