Wednesday, September 7, 2022

New Towns of Sea Princes 576 CY

Greetings dear Greyhawk readers! I got nothing new this week, but I'd like to brainstorm a project that is on the back burner. One of my best received custom maps is my Hold of the Sea Princes 576 CY. Based on my personal campaign, it's the reference for all my Sea Princes writings for Greyhawkery, Oerth Journal and so on. Besides my ongoing series about the Hold's nobility there is several new towns and ports on this map that I'd like to give the gazetteer treatment someday. For now, here is a list of them and my general thoughts on what they are like based on my previous articles and game notes. Enjoy.

Fairwind Isle
  • Port Azure: Mercantile port that competes with North Harbor. Ruler has a sizeable library.
  • Harriven Point: Minor town with a walled keep overlooking cove. Peaceful because ruler is rarely there.
Jetsom Isle
  • North Harbor: Busy, wealthy port that handles a lot of imports. Ruled by family of explorers. Fabulous palace with a shrine dedicated to Kelanen.
Flotsam Isle
  • Galeside: Rich port in league with prince of Port Toli. Archbaron is focused on exploring and exploiting more of the south seas.
Mainland Hold
  • Tanport: Very old, but important port town. Services a lot of exports from inland farms.
  • Keyfield: Farming community. Close ties with Port Torvin. Lawful ruler hires laborers.
  • Bracken Hall: Farming community with ties to Westkeep. Monsters encroach from Hool Marshes.
  • Tower Hill: Major farming community that also serves land route between Hokar, Port Toli and Monmurg. Baron's keep is trapped against thieves in area.
  • Ardo: Quiet, remote farming community on trail to Berghof from Hokar. Reclusive ruler is feared by locals.
  • White Cove: Major port that services trade inland to Hokar. Marble buildings. Expert shipbuilders. Osprem temple.
  • Silver Shore: Wealthy port that focuses on Jeklea fishing fleets and trade with Sasserine.
  • Cliffhaven: Tiny port serving Berghof. Ruled by a former adventurer.

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