Regions of Greyhawk

Regions of the Flanaess and Constituent States

The Living Greyhawk Gazetteer breaks the World of Greyhawk setting down into nine distinct regions. For clarity sake, I postulate a tenth region should be the break-away nations of the Iron League from Old Aerdy East if only to better understand the politics of 576 CY. The links below go to subpages highlighting each regions' set of realms and the major plots and adventures of interest one can expect to find there.

Note: not all the regional summaries have been finished at this time. Check back in for updates!

Northern Reaches (coming soon)

Thillonrian Peninsula (Barbarian North) (coming soon)

Old Aerdy West (coming soon)

Old Aerdy East (coming soon)

Iron League **NEW**

Isolated Realms (coming soon)

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