Races of Greyhawk

Human Ethnicities of the Flanaess

Suloise (Suel)
The Suel migrated across the Flanaess in all directions, soon intermixing with other groups. The best example left of unmixed Suloise is in the Frost, Ice and Snow Barbarians of the northeast. Other isolated groups of pure Suel exist in the Duchy of Urnst in addition to the Scarlet Brotherhood to the south. Suloise generally have fair complexion with curly reddish, blonde or platinum blonde hair being most common. Their eye color ranges from pale blue and gray through violet and deep blue.

Oeridian (Oerid)
The Oerids spread across the Flanaess allying with other races, assimilating others and eventually establishing the Great Kingdom which once stretched from the Yatil Mountains to the Solnor Ocean in the east and south to the Azure Sea. Today, Oeridians are no longer united, but their culture remains widespread though always on the brink of war. Oerid people have varying skin-tones ranging from tan to olive. Likewise, their hair appears in all colors from blonde to black, although brown and auburn are most common. Oeridian eye color is also just as variable.

Flannae (Flan)
Once the first human culture to settle in the namesake Flanaess, the Flannae race is now diminished. Strong Flan strains can be found in a few regions such as Geoff and Sterich in the west or the nomads of the Bright Desert, but are most pure in the northeast with the Rovers of the Barrens and the proud Duchy of Tenh. Flannae people have a bronzed complexion varying from a light copper shade to a very deep brown, with dark wavy or curly hair. Flan eye color commonly ranges from brown to amber in hue.

Baklunish (Bakluni)
The Baklunish are the dominant ethnicity west of the Flanaess and among the Wolf and Tiger Nomads of the northwestern plains. They predominantly have an array of golden-hued skin tones. Eye color is commonly a green cast, though rarely gray and hazel hues are seen. Bakluni hair is typical straight with color ranging from blue-black to dark brown.

Rhennee (Rhenn-folk)
Barge-dwelling Rhennee are not native to Oerth; instead they claim to hail from a place called Rhop on another world from where they accidentally traveled to this plane. Now Rhennee can be found roaming the major river-ways of the Flanaess. Rhennee complexion goes from olive to tan, and their hair is tends to curly black or dark brown in color. Most Rhenn-folk have blue, gray or hazel eyes.

The ancient Olman culture originated in Hepmonaland until most of their race migrated westward across chains of islands and settled in present day Amedio. Whether found in the east or west tropics, these people characteristically have reddish-brown to deep brown skin tones with straight black hair and brown to nearly black eyes.

The Touv are currently the prevailing culture of the Hepmonaland continent, found mainly south of the great jungle. They have dark brown to black skin tones with eye colors of blue or brown most commonly. Touv people tend toward black hair worn straight or wavy.

Other Playable Races of the Flanaess

Halfling (Hobniz)
Originally from the west-central riverlands, Halflings have since spread out in all directions though their kind become less common outside the central Flanaess. Today these small folk are seen from Nyrond to the Uleks where they are found in abundance. There are three main types of Halflings in the Flanaess:

-The most common type is the stealthy, Lightfoots. They have ruddy complexion with eyes and hair typically brownish in hue.
-The next most common variety are the Stouts, who are also ruddy in appearance but broader than lightfoots, with coarser hair.
-Tallfellows are the least likely kind of Halfling, a taller, slimmer folk with fair skin and curly hair.

Dwarf (Dwur)
The ancient origin of the dwarven race is not told to outsiders, though the last High-King to unite all dwur fell during the Invoked Devastation. Since then dwarven clans are found throughout the Flanaess’ many mountains and hill ranges chiefly in the Iron Hills and the Lortmils. There is two main subraces of dwarf, though a third, the evil Gray dwarf (Duergar) lives deep in the Underdark so is seldom seen on the surface.

-Hill dwarves are the most common, with light brown to black hair and an earthy skin-tone. Their eyes vary at nearly any color except blue.
-Mountain dwarves are much like their more numerous cousins except taller and paler in appearance.

Gnome (Noniz)
Gnomes originally resided throughout the woodland hills of the north, migrating southward to live among elves and dwarves before the coming of the Suel and Oeridians to the Flanaess. Today the largest concentrations of gnome burrows are found in temperate lands such as the Lortmil Mountains, the Kron Hills, and the Highvale in the west, or the Iron Hills, Flinty Hills and Ratik in the east. There are three distinct families of gnome in the Flanaess, though only one is well-known.

-Rock gnomes are the most commonly encountered group above ground. A typical rock gnome has leathery, brownish skin and blue eyes. Their hair is often light with males tending toward baldness but with beards.
-Forest gnomes are by far the least likely subrace; hiding in sylvan forests. Tiny forest gnomes are known for their very long hair which runs from dark tones to grayish-white with age. Their skin coloration is often earthy and tough like bark.
-Deep gnomes (Svirfneblin) may not be as rare as forest gnomes, but no one knows for sure since their warrens run into the Underdark where they mainly have contact with Duergar and Drow. Deep gnomes are wiry with hairless gray to gray-brown complexions and dark eyes.

Elf (Olve)
The elven race predates all human civilizations east of the Crystalmist Mountains. Since the migrations the olve have been driven into seclusion to defend dwindling forest realms. Today elves are still abundant in the lands of Celene, Sunndi, Highfolk Valley and the Spindrift Isles. There are three major branches of olvenkind (not including aquatic), some less accepted than others and a couple of which splinter into further subgroups:

High Elves are the most populous subrace in the Flanaess with three distinct subgroups:
-High elves are the most sociable kindred, with dark shades of hair and typically green cast eyes.
-The noble Gray elves frequently have silver hair and amber eyes while the more reclusive fey variety of gray olve are seen with golden hair and violet eyes.
-Valley elves appear as gray elves save that they are taller and are shunned by other elves outside the Valley of the Mage.  

The quite reclusive and distrustful Wood Elves have two main subgroups:
-Sylvan elves have coppery skin tones with hair ranging from yellow to copper in hue, and eyes ranging from green to hazel.
-Wild elves (Grugach) are the smallest yet strongest of elvenkind, with traits like their wood elf cousins.

The sinister Dark Elves (Drow) hail from cities in vast cavern vaults below the Flanaess’ mighty mountains. Slimmer than most elves, drow have a deep obsidian complexion with white to pale yellow hair coloring. Their eyes are likewise very pale white in appearance but do have fine violet to pink or blue tints.

Half Elves 
Half elves are the progeny of humans and elves. Though found most commonly in human areas, half elves face social stigmas among both their kind, which results in many of them becoming traveling adventurers. They can come from virtually any stock of elvenkind or human ethnicity (half-drow would be very rare), exhibiting the best traits of both parents. 

Half Orcs 
Half orcs are the offspring of humans and orcs (euroz). This half-breed race is most often seen in regions where humanoids and humans are in conflict. It is very difficult for these folk to gain trust or acceptance in either culture, which pushes many into a life of adventure. Half orcs will normally display the worst physical traits of their parentage except size and stamina. 

The Dragonborn race is hardly known in the Flanaess and their origins are uncertain to sages. They could be planar transplants like the Rhennee or even created by a divine power, yet rumors persist of a draconic empire west of the Sea of Dust. Lacking wings or a tail, common mixed-breed Dragonborn have small scales displayed in muted earthy patterns, while more distinctive clans do have prominent scale coloration favoring their chromatic or metallic dragon heritage.

The infernal-blooded Tieflings have been lurking among Flanaess society for an indeterminate time. This exotic race may have arrived from extra-planar gates that are so prevalent on Oerth or spread naturally since the unprecedented rise of infernal contact in despotic lands such as the Great Kingdom, Horned Society and the Bandit Kingdoms. Tieflings exhibit a broad range of human skin tones in addition to reddish hues. Their eyes lack a pupil and range from shining gold or silver to solid black, red or white. Teifling hair is typically long, flowing behind their obvious horns in various dark colors, but also more regal blue and purple shades.

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