Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Article: The Secret of the Runes III

The next article in Argon's "Runes series" is up at Canonfire! for your perusal. In The Secret of the Runes III, we get to see the actual effects of over thirty of these runes and more associated rune lore. Argon writes:

"Rune Lore is the formula Rune casters use in the crafting of a rune. Unlike traditional forms of magic in which a caster invokes certain ritual’s to shape the magical weave."

These articles are perfect for anyone wanting to run an alternative spellcaster from dwarven or northern cultures, particularly the barbaric northeastern (Thillonrian Peninsula) region of Greyhawk. Enjoy!


this_is_Dan said...

Is it too late for Vic to become a Scrimshaw Rune caster?

Mike Bridges said...

Funny, but anything is possible. :P

Argon said...

Thanks for the Link Mort I have to hand in part four just need CF to accept my rune script. I think they fear it's part of my elaborate plan to ward the site from elves.