Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Half-Dwarves: And Why Not?

Over at the old school AD&D fansite Dragonsfoot, there is an amusingly useful new article by S. J. McKenzie entitled Half-Dwarves: and why not? As the title implies this is a clever look into crossbreeds across all standard D&D races with a focus on dwarven mixing. The article even includes game rules for a few of these like the "Half-Dwarf", "Dwelf", "Wild-dog Dwarf" and my favorite the "Gnarf". The information is not setting specific so that makes it perfectly suitable for anyone who would like to drop some non-standard dwarf races into their World of Greyhawk campaign. And why not? Greyhawk is a setting that already has a myriad of subraces and crossbreeds to speak of, but not much for fans of dwarf characters. Now you can spice up the dour dwarven race. Check it out!


Valkaun_Dain said...

I've often wondered about this... I want to make a Dwarfling. Dwalfling? Hobbarf? Dwobbit?

Scott said...

My only Living Greyhawk campaign character was a half-dwarf. Or so he always claimed, in-character. Had any DM insisted on checking my character sheet, he would have found Guillaume was, game mechanic-wise, just a short human.

Blue Witch said...

Why does it say for 1st edition AD&D, when the stats in the article are clearly 3/3.5?

Nonetheless, I think it's a good little article and appreciate that you pointed it out.