Saturday, November 24, 2012

New D&D Movie Tonight

Awww yeeeeah! It's a new Dungeons & Dragons movie on Syfy! Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness starts here soon. Judging from the trailer here, you won't miss much if you skip it, but having nothing better to do today I might just subject myself to this train wreck in the making to see if there is any vague Greyhawk references. Check out part of the synopsis. As a gamer, this sounds decent, until you see it played out live.
Two thousand years ago, Nhagruul the Foul, a sorcerer who reveled in corrupting the innocent and the spread of despair, neared the end of his mortal days and was dismayed. Consumed by hatred for the living, Nhagruul sold his soul to the demon Lords of the abyss so that his malign spirit would survive. In an excruciating ritual, Nhagrulls skin was flayed into pages, his bones hammered into a cover, and his diseased blood became the ink to pen a book most vile. All those exposed to the book were driven to madness or so corrupted by the wicked knowledge contained within that they had no choice but to turn evil.
So THAT is how the Book of Vile Darkness was made. Hah. Enjoy if you dare!


Geffyl said...

I don't even want to ask what was used to make the book marker.

We are all books of blood. Once we are opened, we're red.

Mystic Scholar said...

Already seen it. Necessary if you wish to "complete the set," as it were.

But your not missing much. Though there were some interesting "facts" concerning certain "mechanics" of the way things "work."