Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two New Sea Princes Campaigns

Yes, I am out of my mind. So, those who have breezed through Greyhawkery before know that I have a long running high seas campaign set in and around the Hold of the Sea Princes. It was wildly successful with my game group and it generated a lot of enthusiasm by me to create more Greyhawk stuff such as my own hybrid sailing system, character portrait art and my favorite the South Seas Map. So successful was the first run that I've started two "spin-offs" with two different groups on two different nights. Pray to Pelor for me.
Anyway, I have to say straight up to my players that I won't be serializing these spin-offs in detail like I did for my original group. That's a lot of work that I don't have the patience for. What I will do however is try and publicize some of the good ideas and content that comes out of these two Sea Princes campaigns. We'll see how it goes. For a sneak peak I'll give a summary of my Sea Princes spin-offs:

The Mines of Hokar
In the city of Hokar the Hold once minted their own coinage using slave and prison labor to mine for scarce metal deposits. From his dungeon workshop and vaults the Marquis of Hokar crafted a rare set of golden coins called the Toli Captains. Twenty years ago, two slaves, one a cleric of Ralishaz and a dark druid of the Amedio rose up and threw the mines into disarray. Suddenly the Oerth quaked and monsters sprang from exposed tunnels slaying all in their path. Meanwhile the cackling servant of Ralishaz breached the vault and scattered the treasures of Hokar to the Underdark, including the Marquis' prized gold coins. Though the forces of Hokar managed to seal the dungeons, the two slaves were never seen again.
Now it is 577 CY and the Marquis' son seeks to regain his family's fortune. He hires down on their luck "dungeoneers" to plumb the depths of the old mines and slay every creature they can while recovering anything of value that may have belonged to the nobility, especially the lost Toli Captains.

The Hideous Adventures
On the far side of Jeklea Bay is the former Sea Princes colony of Sasserine. Here at the edge of the ominous Amedio Jungle, the crew of the Sea Cudgel is abused and berated by their superiors working for Thunder River Lumber. Almost at a breaking point after a hard day of work, the crew is surprised when several dock-workers draw weapons and force the surrender of the Cudgel's officers. The hijacked vessel is actually the renamed Hideous formerly of the piratical Crimson Fleet and it's true owner is none other than the dreaded Captain Ironclaw McGrath. Ironclaw was captured, escaped prison and fought many leagues to get back. On the deck of his lost ship at last, Captain McGrath gave the mistreated crew a choice and those who wisely sided with the pirates are now part of the Hideous, bound for far-off ports to trade and find adventure.


Greyhawk Grognard said...

If I, like my teacher wife, was off for two months in the summer, I might attempt such a feat. As it is, Beory's Boobs! No effing way.

Argon said...

Congrats, on making the effort to run two campaigns. I must admit when I was reading the excerpts above. I kept thinking this is mort's MB series. Now, I can get some feed back from you on those sessions during greytalk.



Mystic Scholar said...

Personally, I've always loved your Southseas map . . . and have downloaded it, of course! ;)

All the fans truly appreciate your efforts on our behaves, Mort.


Mike Bridges said...

Adding anna's sea princes map will be another boost.