Sunday, December 1, 2013

O Blinding Light

Time for a random Greyhawk topic. One of the quirky things about the Greyhawk setting is the seemingly useless esoteric details Gygax inserted here and there. One of the better known bits is that the religion of Pholtus (God of Law, Sun, Moon, etc.) has an official "anthem" titled O Blinding Light. Now never mind that this may be the only song in all of Greyhawk canon; it's more impressive that this obscure title by Gygax inspired someone in the fan community long ago, to come up with the lyrics to this anthem. If anyone remembers who wrote this let me know so I can properly credit them, cause this takes dedication (which Pholtus demands). Next time you play a cleric of Pholtus, show off to your DM and break out this hymn. Check it out.

Oh Pholtus,
O’ Blinding Light,
Bright is your Wisdom.
Aid us it will to conquer the Heretics.
O Blinding Light,
Give us the Light of the Day, as we praise you at Dawn.
Give us the Light of the Night, as we praise you at Dusk.
O Blinding Light.
I praise the Word of Pholtus,
O Blinding Light.
Defending His honor.
O Blinding Light.
I reveal your Light to the Converts.
O Blinding Light.
Protect us, your faithful servants.
O Blinding Light of Pholtus.
Light, The Divine Substance From The Creator.

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