Wednesday, June 10, 2020

New Greyhawk Heraldry: Ull Khanates

Howdy Greyhawk travelers! Today I have a special treat. Greyhawk atlas enthusiast and all-around good guy, Brian "Braggi" Dougherty is back in the saddle and he is on a heraldry kick! For those who don't remember Braggi from Canonfire, he quite possibly knows as much about Ull as I do, because he produced an incredible adaptation of my Ull campaign material, The Wonders of Ull, Oldskool Edition. Now Braggi is back to work on some new Greyhawk material and with some help from myself, he has put out banners for all the Uli khanates and towns. I am sure these will be in a PDF coming to you son, but for now I'm going to preview some of his work. Thanks again, Brian. Check it out!

Ahmud Khanate

Geshtun Khanate

Jadrun Khanate

Lurzid Khanate

Here is the map of Ull showing all the heraldry and khanate borders. I really like the terrain and icons he uses in this map. Feel free to use this in your own campaigns. This should be the final form, but tweaks will always be possible in the future. Enjoy!


Lord Gosumba said...

VERY excellent! Great to meet Brian on the stream last night! When he stated that he had never received a response or review ever from A Question of Meazels, I was astonished! The Heraldry and map below are excellent works by both!!!

Braggi said...

Thanks for the plug Michael. :)

I've been hard at work the last two weeks updating all 20-something of my new atlas maps, including Ull, to use Darlene's Greyhawk Gothic font. Once those are done (a lot of text to update) I'll be getting back to creating more maps.

I'll also be looking to finish a module project that is long overdue - the QMG series. I have the second module more then half done... just needed to get a bit of creative mojo happening. Ull has jump-started it for me, so thank you!

Anonymous said...

So Braggi is my dad. Hi Bard! I’ve seen him plug away at these maps and crests over the last several years and it brings me a lot of joy to see them be featured on an amazing blog like this.

I can hear his old school clacker keyboard clacking away from my end of the net just from looking at these crests.

Thanks for re-lighting this creative spark for Bard.

Mike Bridges said...

That is awesome! Thank you for your kind words and yeah your dad's work is welcome in the Greyhawk community. I can't wait to see what he does next!