Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Remembering Jim Holloway

Howdy Greyhawkers! I'm sure you saw the news by now, but one of my favorite illustrators, Jim Holloway passed away this week. His distinctive art style always caught my eye from an early age.

Most RPG artists can draw fantasy characters, but Holloway's subjects without exception, always had the best expressions on their face and were always doing something interesting or comical, even those in the background. Jim's artwork be it full cover art or simple black and white interior, is fun, dynamic and imaginatively composed.

I fondly remember Holloway's art mostly from Dragon and Dungeon magazines, however he did do work for other game companies. My favorite was his work on the game Paranoia. His art style defines that game in the same way I associate Elmore with Dragonlance or Brom with Darksun.

Holloway is the type of illustrator I aspire to be when I draw, and I hope if you aren't familiar with his art by now, you can look up his amazing works online or in classic D&D products. RIP Jim.


Dick McGee said...

His art style was always instantly recognizable. Huge fan of his work, especially on Star Frontiers, the Spelljammer line, and some of the early Battletech products. He'll certainly be missed.

BenS said...

I pretty much only knew his work from Dragon & Dungeon magazines, but definitely have fond memories of it. Thanks for sharing this news, however sad.