Thursday, December 3, 2020

New Maps: Unconquered Sea Princes

Welcome aboard Greyhawkers! Today I'm proud to share a project I recently worked on, brand new maps of my own Hold of the Sea Princes campaign! I really love the Sea Princes, it's true, but I don't exactly know what spurred me to do these maps. I think I was looking at the South Seas map hanging on my wall and probably thought, I need an updated Sea Princes map that coincides with all the material I've written for it so far. What material is that you ask? Well check the links in the Best of Greyhawkery and for the best collected info, download Oerth Journal #32 to read my Unconquered Hold of the Sea Princes article. These maps are set in the baseline date of 576 CY and in my writings continue on through the end of the Greyhawk Wars where this Sea Princes is not summarily taken over by the Scarlet Brotherhood and then reduced to a useless wreck of a state by 591 CY. By Xerbo, no! This is an untarnished land of adventure, political intrigue, exploration and high seas piracy. Astute cartographers will notice a load of towns and ports you don't recognize. Well, these are places I've created for my campaign, but have not yet fully developed yet. Maybe someday I will! Until then I hope you enjoy the maps, have fun using them!


eLarson said...

This looks terrific. I especially love the names and will head to OJ to learn more. Who is the Baron of Silver Shore? Is it someone I would want to sail for or against?

Mike Bridges said...

eLarson: His Righteous Nobility, Aleus Cavano, Baron of
Silver Shore. The baron of Silver Shore is comfortably rich from a
steady stream of trade from Sasserine and lucrative
fishing fleets that roam Jeklea Bay. Aleus is the nephew
of Luvinia Cavano, a fact that has kept the young noble
out of any drama thus far. Baron Cavano is humble
unlike his adventurous father who died when his ship
went down in a tropical storm the day before his son’s
marriage to the sanguine Arla of Sybar.

Sounds like a decent fella. No drama all business.

eLarson said...

Sounds fairly lucrative.